Quick facts
Birth date 19 Jun, 1969
Age 50 yrs
Occupations Journalist
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Garden City
Education Pennsylvania State University
Garden City High School
Gender Female
Description American television journalist

Lara Spencer is an American TV writer best known for being the co-anchor for ABC's “Good Morning America”. Lara Spencer additionally deals with “Nightline” and “ABC News”.She is married to journalist David Haffenreffer.

She experienced childhood in the New York City suburb of Garden City, where she went to Garden City High School. Lara Spencer went to Pennsylvania State University on a physical grant for springboard and stage jumping and was a broadly positioned focused jumper.

Before took a shot at ABC News, she was the host of the syndicated TV newsmagazine called“The Insider” for seven seasons and was a customary donor to CBS's "The Early Show". Before working with the crew and production of these shows, she was the National Correspondent for “Good Morning America” and took a few years as a peculiarities and lifestyle reporter for WABC-TV. She additionally facilitated Antiques Roadshow on PBS for the 2004 and 2005 seasons.

Lara Spencer appreciates her home life with her husband David Haffenreffer and two kids. She gets a kick out picking up her children from school, and, during the evening, enjoysgetting in bed with a book. Despite the fact that she works on being a decent, pleasant parent, there is one parenting tenet she never breaks: making a threat and afterward not going through with it. If this were to occur too often, then nothing the mother says would matter, particularly if the kid thinks they could escape with something. This is, obviously, according to Lara Spencer.

She is with other ladies in concurring that parenting obliges unending vitality. Still, she would not prefer it another way. Wherever Lara Spencer goes, she brings the photo collection that her 7-year-old girl Kate made in her purse.

She is likewise into preserving her beauty. She is very much into the product called Crème de la Mer to accomplish young-looking skin. Albeit youthful and solid looking skin is the thing that she seeks after, she insists that she does not have the desire to ever get plastic surgery. She is also extremely enthusiastic about utilizing the Jo Malone Orange Blosson Cologne and MAC Nymphette lip-gleam.

She has an extremely satisfying bond with her husband David Haffenreffer. At one time, when she was trying to depict what exact sort of wife she considers herself to be, she initially clowned that she would call herself a "hot, sexy kitten", however then settled for the more sensible "funny best friend". Evidently, she and her journalist husband continually fill the other withlaughter. Something extraordinary that very few individuals could sayhave happened to them is that her wedding was broadcast and demonstrated on Martha Stewart's television show.

Lara Spencer does not simply adjust the life of a mother, wife and businesswoman; she additionally makes a point to continue having a good time with friends. She calls it “GAO” which stands for “girls’ afternoon out”.Together, her girlfriends like to play competitive tennis and savor a glass of wine once their games are over.

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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