David Haffenreffer is an American television personality and an anchor, who is praised by fans and critics alike.

Personal Life

David was born on August 2nd 1967, in Rhode Island, in the United States of America. He has a Leo as his birth sign. His Ethnicity is white and nationality is American. His hair colour is brown and even had blue eyes. He is famous because of being an anchor in a program called Ahead of the Curve which was broadcasted on the channel of CNN during 2000.

David’s parents are American. His father was a Vice President for the Fleet investment Advisors in Providence. His mother was a clinical social worker in Taunton, mass in the Bristol County Community Health Center. They have two other children, named: Ashley Haffenreffer Wagstaff and Kristen Haffenreffer Moran.

Haffenreffer graduated from St. Lawrence University but his educations and the subjects he took were unknown. His professional life and personal life is very private and there is not much information about him in these matters. He had a wife named Lara Spencer in 2000, on September 30 they tied the knot. Their marriage had gone well since then for the next fifteen years but ended in a divorce afterwards. His ex-wife is also an anchor. The marriage ceremony took place in St. Andrews Church and the priest was Rev. Peter M. Larsen, who was an Episcopal priest? The ceremony was broadcasted live on a TV show called Martha Stewart Living and with a magazine.

He is also working as a real estate agent and with his own set of principles he helped his customers in buying and selling of their properties in Connecticut. He is active on Social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He had less than a thousand followers on Instagram and Facebook but has around one thousand followers on Twitter.


David’s career began at GTE as a field producer in a corporation in which afterwards it was followed by works as a director for WSUB-AM and even as a news anchor for the company. In 2000, he got the amazing opportunity to work for a program ‘ Ahead of the Curve’ as an anchor which was shown in CNN and CNN’fn cable new network, where it was broadcasted.

He was divorced with wife Lara as there were many problems in their marriage, although Lara earned more. She was always busy and David was the one who used to stay home and take care of his children. As Lara was always busy with her work and schedule.

Apart from that Lara was never in good terms with David’s parent and that was an issue from the beginning from the marriage. He ended his job at CNN in 2006 and is now currently working as a real estate agent at Prudential CT reality. His exact net worth is unknown, but with his salary from over 10 years as an anchor and his real estate business, he is sure to maintain himself quite well.

Last Modified: 09 Mar, 2018

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