Quick facts
Birth date 28 Jun, 1962
Age 57 yrs
Occupations News presenter
Citizenship Canadians
Birth place Montreal
Gender Male
Description Canadian broadcaster

Leslie Roberts is a Canadian Journalist and TV personality. He is not married and has a daughter. He has received a Gemini Award nomination for Canada’s Best News Anchor.

Leslie Roberts prefers to keep his private life away from the public eye, which is why finding personal information about him is pretty hard. There is however plenty of information with regards to his chosen career. Leslie comes from a family with journalism background that traces all the way back to his great- grandfather.

Leslie does keep his private life private, with only a mention of a daughter, Lauren. It is not confirmed whether or not he is actually married or divorced. He does live a pretty decent life and doesn’t have any other children that the media has gotten a whiff of, aside from his daughter, Lauren with whom he spends his spare time with. He has probably managed to maintain a low profile with regards to his relationships probably because of his journalism status, although it most probably is the fact that the paparazzi are respecting his need for privacy. He sits on a number of charity boards and has offered his support to a number of charitable events.

There is barely any mention of Leslie having a relationship, which makes his fans wonder at his sexual orientation; is he straight, gay or bi-sexual. He does however have a daughter, Lauren who he does spend as much time with as possible when he is not in the newsroom. They do enjoy watching movies together, dining out together or visiting with art galleries. Leslie does also keep busy with Max, his Golden doodle.

Leslie does try to live a healthy lifestyle to make up for the unhealthy habits he was raised under. As part of his workout regime, Leslie does indulge in a bit of running. He also takes part in spinning, which he does quite often. He works out with a trainer at least twice a week and he also has a home mini-gym which he utilizes for his workout needs. His morning breakfast normally consists of oatmeal in addition to fruits such as strawberries and pineapple.

Speaking of family, it seems like Leslie was indeed borne with the “media” bug. With a great-grandfather, a grandfather, and father all having a shared interest in journalism, it is little wonder that he too chose a career in the journalism industry. His mother was an assistant to a federal MP, his grandfather who also happened to be his namesake was a journalist and writer, while his brother, Rob, is an editor at The National Post, one of the country’ s major newspapers. His uncle, Grant worked for the Globe and Mail as well as the Montreal Star.

Presently, Leslie is a co-host on the national edition of The Morning Show, where he works hand in hand with Liza Fromer. On his job at the News Hour on Global, he shares the screen with Ann Mrockzow, the former CITY-TV anchor. He is also an anchor for Focus Ontario in addition to being the host of the Morning Show.

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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