There are a number of talented people available all over the world. But do you know that few people are especially noticed due to their talent just because they are unique? Can you guess who is a multi-talented personality of an America? About whom this article is going to talk about. Moreover, he is the star of social media and member of Facebook Stars. He is into acting, dancing and comedy as well. He is the one and only one Woody the Great. Let’s explore him. This article is talking about Woody McClain.


Woody McClain was born on 14th May, 1989 and in Charleston, South Carolina and grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. In the year 2008, he got admission in A&M University. He is passionate about dance, acting and comedy. His enormous talent could not let him confined in the University rooms. So he quit his studies and left the University. He came to Los Angeles in the year 2012 and got chance to work with various bands. Soon, he achieved popularity. After his popularity in dancing, he started posting original content on social media and get noticed very soon. Woody join Kevin Hart’s production company “HartBeat Digital” to make content which goes viral.

Woody holds the American nationality. His height is 6 feet 2 inches. His wiki page helps to bring more follower on social media site. Previously he was into winemaking, woody had 140,000 followers. Presently he has 605 thousand followers on Instagram and 859 followers on Facebook. His Facebook fan list has 35 thousand fans.

Marital status

He is still a happy single man. As per the information, he has not married yet. But rumors say that he has a long affair. No one knows whether he is married or divorced. His personal life has not come into limelight very frequently because he has succeeded to keep his personal life secret.

Personal Life and Career

His father and mother name is not disclosed ever, maybe he doesn’t want to disclose. His mother was adopted and don’t know who were her biological parents. He has grown up with his sister. Woody is single yet so he has no children.

He started his career from a social media app known as Vine. He used to post his videos on it. Soon he got famous and get chance in acting and dancing. He is signed with Kavin Hart’s HartBeat Digital Production Company.

He got big appreciation after appearing as a Bobby Brown in HartBeat’s Digital the New Edition Story. He earns well from his profession. Till now, he has not won any awards.

Net Worth

He has earned more than $0.5 million. Which says that he has net worth about $0.5 million. He is involved in many professions. Currently, he lives in Los Angeles. He owns a car of his favorite brand Audi.

Last Modified: 23 May, 2018

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