Kellie Pickler is a popular singer and songwriter. She is famous for her Country Pop and Neotraditional genres.

Personal life

Kellie Pickler was born in the year 1986 on June 28 in Albemarle, North Carolina. She grew up to her father as her mother left her when she was only two years old. As her father remained busy due to his work, she had to move in with her grandparents. Pickler’s grandparents adopted her following the legal process. Pickler has spent most of her early years in New London with her grandparents. She has completed her graduation from the North Stanly High School in the year 2004. Pickler was very popular during her school days and has also been a cheerleader in her school. Pickler was so obsessed with fashion and beauty that she even participated in the beauty pageants during her high school days.

Pickler developed the interest towards dance since her high school days and has also been quite popular in her high school due to her singing talents. She also participated in several contests which brought her under the spotlight of the media. She has also done many part time jobs for her pocket money. However, Pickler’s personal as well as professional life has been a part of the controversy since she revealed it to the media. Pickler was involved into several relationships but she is not not married yet and is neither dating anyone.


Kellie Pickler gave her first audition in the American Idol. She was selected in the auditions and even reached the Top 12 in the competition but unfortunately, she could not make it to the finals. However, due to her quirky personality and charm, she won the hearts of the audience and the judges as well. Though Pickler could not take part in the finals, she became quite popular in the show due to her personality.

After getting eliminated from the show, Pickler appeared in many television shows. She also showed her singing talents in front of the people by appearing several concerts. After returning to North Carolina, she appeared in a number of shows along with some guest appearances. Pickler has also been awarded with several honors and awards in North Carolina. Later, she declared that she has also worked with 19 Recordings/BNA Records during the initial stage of her recording career. Due to her good will among the judges of the American Idol, she got the chance to go on a three-month trip to perform and show her talent in several cities with some other contestants.

In the year 2006, Pickler released her first music video named as “Red High Heels”. Pickler released several albums after this and was also listed in the Billboards 300. Pickler has been nominated for the Academy of Country Music Awards in the category of Top New Female Vocalist. Pickler has secured several awards and honors in her career time which has further increased her fame and as well as her net worth.

Last Modified: 23 May, 2018

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