Vivian Liberto was an American writer born in the year 1934 on the 23rd day of April. The birth name that was given to her is Vivian Dorraine Liberto. She was born at San Antonio, Texas in the United States of America. At the age of 20 years, Vivian got married to Johnny Cash in the year 1954. Vivian Liberto met with Johnny Cash at a skating tournament at Texas in the year 1951 in the month of July. Johnny Cash was a military man in the US Airforce.

Vivian and Johnny enjoyed their marriage life from the year 1954 up to the year 1968 when they got divorced. Vivian Liberto and Johnny cash had four children namely; Rosanne Cash, Tara Cash, Cindy Cash, and Kathy Cash. After divorcing Johnny Cash, Vivian Liberto got married to Dick Distin in the year 1968 until her death in the year 2005. After the divorce, Johnny too got married to a popular country music singer and songwriter, June Carter.

Vivian Liberto’s book

Vivian Liberto wrote and released a book about her marriage with Johnny Cash. In the book “Walked the Line: My Life with Johnny”, outlined all her experiences in her marriage with Johnny. At the beginning of this book, Vivian talks about her sweet relationship with Johnny Cash as well as their sweet memories at the beginning of their relationship.

In the book, Vivian depicts herself as a 17-year-old Catholic faithful while Johnny is depicted as 19 years old at a skating tournament in Texas, USA. Vivian tells her story through this book how they courted with Johnny and how the whole whirlwind went. She tells how their story began from drive-in necking, soda-sipping to window shopping during the summertime along the streets of San Antonio.

In the middle of the book, Vivian Liberto writes about the letters she received from Johnny and how the two vowed to stick together forever. Unfortunately, forever did not last for a long time. It is this book the letters are the most interesting part. The letters continuously prove that Vivian was Johnny’s first love until things started going wrong.

At the end of the book, Vivian tells how sweet her early married life was at the beginning and how frustrating it became at the end. She was emotionally drained by the rumors of her husband's affair with June Carter. She also tells about her addiction to pills as well as the rise of Johnny to stardom.

The death of Vivian Liberto

Vivian Liberto died at the age of 75 years in the year 2005 on May 24th at Ventura, California in the United States of America. She died from lung complications and lung cancer. She is remembered for her children and her other offspring and especially her daughter Rosanne Cash who is a renowned songwriter. Also, the American is remembered for the book she wrote and published, "I walked the line,” which is an outline of her whole life with her first husband until they divorced.

Last Modified: 19 May, 2018

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