Tom Skilling is one of America’s prominent meteorologists and currently holds the position of chief meteorologist at the WGN-TV. He has also worked with other TV channels such as WKKD and WLXT-TV.

Personal Life

Born in Aurora, Illinois on the 20th February 1952, Tom Skilling is one of the four siblings of Thomas and Betty Skilling. Tom’s siblings are Mark Skilling, Jeffrey Skilling and Sue Skilling. His brother Jeff Skilling was the former CEO of Enron. He was charged and convicted in relation to collapse of the Enron in 2006 and is currently serving time at FPC Montgomery. In his biography, Tom is documented to have attended West Aurora High School where he graduated and later joined University of Wisconsin. He studied meteorology and journalism at the university.

Tom is not in a relationship. He is also not married and has no record of any previous involvement with anyone romantically. Tom seems to be caught up in his work and does not focus much in relationships. At one instance, speculations were going round on Tom’s sexuality and that he is gay. Tom has never come out to address the news and he has left room for the public to speculate.


The 66 year old meteorologist begun his career at age 14 and to date has more than 50 years of experience in the field. His first role was at WKKD-AM and after he turned 18, he moved to WLXT-TV in Illinois. After his graduation, Tom then went on to work with WKOW-TV as a professional meteorologist. Currently, Skilling is involved with WGN-TV. He joined the channel in 1978 and he recently renewed his contract to last until 2022. Tom’s many years in meteorology and journalism has earned him a net worth of $14 million. He was also awarded by Lewis University an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities.

Last Modified: 19 May, 2018

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