Paul Lieberstein is a well known actor who hails from the country of the United States of America, not only is Paul Lieberstein an actor, he is also a screenwriter and a TV producer. Paul Lieberstein is the recipient of a Primetime Emmy Award and he is widely popular for being a producer and a writer, apart from being a supporting member of the cast on the United States’s version of the hugely popular television sitcom called The Office. Paul Lieberstein was the show runner of the sitcom for 4 seasons, from the fifth season of the show right upto it’s eighth.

Personal Life

Paul Lieberstein was born on February 22nd, in the year 1967. Paul Lieberstein was born in the city of Westport in the state of Connecticut in the country of the United States of America. Paul Lieberstein is the child of Stanley Lieberstein and Judith Lieberstein.

Paul Lieberstein belongs to the Jewish faith. Paul Lieberstein was a student at the Staples High School and post that he attended the prestigious Hamilton College. It was when Paul Lieberstein was a student at the Hamilton College that he became a part of Chi Psi, he later graduated in the year 1989, with a major in the subject of economics as he always aspired to be some kind of a financier.

Paul Lieberstein's sister, is a woman named Susanne. She is the president of the programming division at the MTV channel. She is married to Greg Daniels, who is a producer and screenwriter. While Paul Lieberstein’s brother, a man named Warren Lieberstein, was previously married to a woman named Angela Kinsey.

Paul Lieberstein got married to Janine Serafin Poreba, his second wife on the 19th of July, in the year 2008, in New York City, at the well known restaurant named Battery Gardens. Paul Lieberstein’s cousin is named Paul Faust, it was on this cousin that the character called "Cool Guy Paul" was based on, as seen in the episode named "Chair Model", in The Office.


Paul Lieberstein had written references to portray the fact that Andy Bernard, the character from The Office was a Chi Psi from the university of Cornell as a part of the storyline of numberous episodes of the sitcom. Paul Lieberstein's first job after completing his graduation was being an auditor with the office of Peat Marwick International, that job of his lasted barely for half a yearend then he began working part-time at the law firm owned by his father in a bid to work as little as possible, so that he could write.

Paul Lieberstein has also been a part of Young Storytellers, which is a nonprofit organization for art education based in the city of Los Angeles, serving on the advisory board of directors. Paul Liberstein also served as the co-executive producer on Season 6 of the show called The Drew Carey Show, for 25 episodes and Paul also served as the supervising producer on "Drew Pops Something on Kate” for two episodes.

Last Modified: 25 Apr, 2018

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