Boomer Esiason is a well known American Football Quarterback who is currently retired from the sport and serves as the current network color commentator. Boomer Esiason’s career lasted for 14 long years in the National Football League (NFL) and over the 14 years Boomer Esiason has represented the New York Jets the Arizona Cardinals and the Cincinnati Bengals. Post his retirement Boomer Esiason has worked in the capacity of a football analyst.

Boomer Esiason initially worked as a football analyst for the HBO network and the ABC Network. At present Boomer Esiason works as a football analyst for the CBS Sports Network on The NFL Today, he also works with Westwood One for the show Monday Night Football and for the Super Bowl. Boomer Esiason additionally works for Inside the NFL which is aired on Showtime. Apart from being a TV host, Boomer Esiason is also a host for the morning radio program based on sports called Boomer and Gio, it is aired on the WFAN network on AM in the state of New York.

Personal Life

Boomer Esiason was born as Norman Julius Esiason on April 17th in the year 1961. Boomer Esiason was born in East Islip in the state of New York in the country of the United States of America. Boomer Esiason was a student at the East Islip High School and the Timber Point Elementary.

It was from East Islip High School that Boomer Esiason graduated in the year 1979. Boomer Esiason became a three sport varsity player in the sports of basketball, baseball and football when he was a student in high school. Boomer Esiason was given his nickname “Boomer” before he was even born, the nickname was even to him by his mother, owing to the fact that he would constantly kick her while he was in her womb as a foetus. The name has stuck on ever since and Boomer Esiason kept it that way.

Boomer Esiason was a football player in college while he was a student at the University of Maryland. Boomer Esiason played under Bobby Ross and Jerry Claiborne, who were head coaches at the time and he also played under Ralph Friedgen who was the offensive co-ordinator. Boomer Esiason set 17 school records while he was a student at the University of Maryland.

In the year 1986, Boomer Esiason got married to Cheryl and together the couple have two children, a son who is named Gunnar and a daughter who is named Sydney. Boomer Esiason’s daughter, Sydney is currently engaged to Matt Martin, who is the enforcer for Toronto Maple Leafs.

In the year 1993, when Boomer Esiason’s was at a mini camp organised by the Jets, he was alerted that his 2 year old son named Gunnar had to be rushed to the hospital, citing difficulties in breathing as the reason. Diagnosis later revealed that the cause of the emergency was cystic fibrosis, which is a disease of digestive systems and respiratory systems.

Since then Boomer Esiason set up The Boomer Esiason Foundation to help funding the research and cure for the disease. Having raised over 100 million USD by the year 2013, the foundation has supported numerous hospitals and patients.

Last Modified: 25 Apr, 2018

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