Mark is a multitalented American who is famous for this acting.

Personal Life

Mark Wahlberg, born on 1971 June 5, is a multitalented American who happens to be an actor, producer, model, rapper, and businessman. Mark had a very tough childhood as his parents got divorced in 1982. He studied at Copley Square High School. Half of his time was spent with his mom whereas the other half with dad.

Sadly, Mark never graduated. Due to these reasons, he ended up getting his high school diploma after years in the year 2013. He was brought up within a Catholic surrounding. Nathaniel Hawthorne, the famous author, is said to be related to Mark from his mother's side.

In spite of his bad childhood, his present life is very happy with Rhea Durham whom he married in the year 2009. The couple currently has four children namely Ella Rae, Grace Margaret, Brendan Joseph and Michael.


When it comes to career, Mark has chosen more than just one path. Mark made his debut in music by being a member of a famous boy band called New Kids on the Block. Mark was a part it only for a few months, but this debut he made at the age of 13 shaped rest of his career.

Later in 1990, he became a member of another band which released an album named Music for the People, and the song "Good Vibrations" was a major hit and played as a turning point in his life. In this music video of Good Vibrations mark has the opportunity to flaunt his physique which brought him modeling opportunities. Mark was later seen in Calvin Klein’s underwear ads. He was filled with ads queuing and appeared with models like Kate Moss.

Walhberg made his debut with the film The Substitute in the year 1993. Earlier he was called Marky Mark, but for the sake of his movie career he left behind his rapper name. Thriller film Fear was his first film in which he received the main role. He received a lot of appreciation for his work in the film Boogeyman for which he was awarded the prestigious Florida Film Critics Circle Award.

Mark’s movie career is very successful and he is one of the most highly paid actors in the Hollywood industry. He received more than 1 million dollars for his role in All the Money in the World which created an up rise as his female co-star received very little in comparison, amounting to some one thousand dollars.

Mark Wahlberg is into charity and started Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation in the year 2011 which focuses on improving the lives of youth by giving funds. He is also an active member of other foundations which aims at helping homeless women and children.

Mark was a close friend of Ajmal Khan who happens to be the founder of Limacol CPL. This brought his attention to cricket and he developed an avid interest in it. He showed his interest by becoming equity interest in the Barbados Tridents cricket franchise in the year 2013.

Wahlburgers, a restaurant, is run by his siblings Paul and Donnie. Mark played a role in expanding this restaurant. In the late 2014, Mark tried his luck with production and producer the TV show Breaking Boston. He also played a role in this TV show produced by him.

Last Modified: 04 May, 2018

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