Mauricio Ochmann Soirdia, born on 16 November 1997, was born and bought up in Washington, United states. Mauricio had no idea about his biological parents and spent the first few year having no idea about it.

His adopted parents decided to divorce and he moved to Mexico with his mother. His mother ended up having an affair with Thoman Ochmann whom she later married and became Mauricio’s step father.

After finishing school, Mauricio moved to Los Angeles and studied acting in Joanna Baron Studio which was located in SantaMonica.


Mauricio had real passion for acting and has shown signs at a very young age. He participated and performed in local activities. When he reached the age 16, he took a very serious decision and appeared in the TV Show called La Otra Cosa.

When he finished his education in Los Angeles, he had the honour of getting a small role in the famous movie Message In The Bottle.

Being impressed by his acting, producer Humberto Zurita gave him the opportunity to star in Azul Tequila, which was his debut in telenovela. Since making his debut, he was given a lot of opportunities in telenovelas like Hablame de amor, Como en el cine etc. Presently, he is one of the most famous telenovela actors in the world.

Last Modified: 04 May, 2018

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