Danny Moder was born in the year 1969 and he is a cinematographer of American citizenship. He is known to work on different films like fireflies in the Garden, The Mexican and Secret in Their Eyes. He got the nomination to the Primetime Emmy Award for the cinematography of a television film called The Normal Heart. The director was Ryan Murphy and the star was Julia Roberts, who is also his wife. Moder’s place of birth is Los Angeles, in California. His father is Mike Moder who is a producer and her mother was Patricia Ann Watz. He was born with other four children who are Debbie, Jane, Jyl and John. He attended Saint Monica High School in the year 1987 and he got a psychology degree given at University of Colorado in Boulder.

From his biography, Danny Moder started the career like a production assistant in the year 1995 and it was for an action film called Crimson Tide. After some few years, he was on the set of The Fan film. Afterwards, he started to work in films such as Enemy of the State, Tuesday with Morrie and The Brave. He started to work in cinematography for short comedy film under the name of Kid Quick. As a cinematographer, he worked on Secret in Their Eyes, The Normal Heart, Plush, Highland Park, Jesus Henry Christ, Fireflies in the Garden, The Hit, Border and Grand Champion. He continued to work in the department of electrical and camera for other films like Spider Man 3, Friends with Money, Mr & Smith , Mona Lisa Smile, Full Frontal and The Mexican.

Before, Danny Moder got married to Vera Steinberg in the year 1997 but they got a divorce in 2002. He then met with Julia Roberts who later became his wife. It was at the set of The Mexican in the year 2000. After the divorce from his first wife, he got married to Roberts in the year 2002. It was a small ceremony that took place in a ranch found in Taos and it was in New Mexico. They had now three children, the first are twins called Phinnaeus and Hazel Patricia Moder. They have also a son called Henry Daniel Moder.

The couple have stayed together for long period despite problems that their marriage faced from time to time. Their marriage is still stronger and they have the passion to one another. Julia is 50 while her husband is 49 but their relationship had been always stronger. The two live in a laid back life in the city of Malibu and they go to community events and school functions. They had to reduce the work load so that they may spend even more time with their children. They say that their family is their priority and they do everything to ensure that their children are happy and they spend more time with them.

Last Modified: 29 May, 2018

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