Quick facts
Birth date 7 Jan, 1969
Age 51 yrs
Occupations Journalist
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Campbell County
Education Wake Forest University
Gender Female
Description American journalist
Spouse Jonas Max Ferris[ M. 2005]

Dagen McDowell is a 45 years old anchor at the Fox Business Network and also, a business contributor at Imus in the Morning radio show. Although she is qualified as an anchor, she works as a business reporter too.

She is a financial expert and during her whole life she tried to offer advice regarding businesses. That’s exactly what she is doing at the Imus in the Morning radio show. However, Dagen McDowell is a very beautiful woman for her age, and regarding her personal life, there aren’t too many details which are known by the wide public or media. People know about Dagen that she is married with Jonas Max Ferris since 2006. They met for the first time at a TV show named Cashing In, in 2002. Her husband works as an economist, investor advisor and economic analyst. Their marriage is working very well, because they are both working on the same field, and they understand each other. Both of them are making lots of money, and Jonas Max Ferris has a net profit of $ 5 million dollars.

Dagen McDowell never had a divorce in her life, and since she has met her husband, there weren’t any rumors regarding other boyfriend. One of the most interesting things regarding this marriage is that both of them are working in the same field, and the financial and business knowledge made them to create a family. They don’t have a child at this moment and they never said anything about any future plans. They are both making sure that nothing is known about their personal lives, and they are not involved in any gossip argues.

Although she is very beautiful, Dagen McDowell is not harassed by the paparazzi as any other TV personality. She is very elegant and serious, and her presence is always noticed in a good way. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why no one is ever trying to find some “dirty” information from her past. It is known that Dagen McDowell was born in Virginia, she finished the Wake Forest University with a bachelor degree in Art History and now she lives in New York with Jonas Max Ferris. Although they don’t have a kid, they have adopted a Chihuahua named Ramon.

The financial advices are offered by the business reporter via social media websites too. As an example, people from Twitter are using her advices. Although they are both having a great income, they do not like everyone to know about that. Dagen McDowell was never involved in any conflict with other TV personality or celebrity, and the same can be said about her husband. They are married since 2006, and they are still together.

The marriage between Dagen McDowell and her lover is still working very well, and they look very happy to be together. They are both working on the same field, which makes their relationship a perfect one, because they don’t have problems with communication. Although they are seen by the media almost everyday, they don’t like to share too much about their personal lives. 

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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