Controversial is one way to describe Colin Cowherd. He hails from humble beginnings; small town born and bred. Although he suffered a rocky childhood, his parents got divorced when he was young. Family fragmented beyond repair, he wasn’t close to his sister or his parents for that matter. Colin’s father was married five times; his mother married for three. He often found comfort in playing with his old radio. When he became of age he broke out into the big city to follow his dream of a career in radio. Things were not panning out as he had hoped at first. He was determined and shuttered at the thought of returning home without achieving his dream.

Being a product of a broken home, Colin himself has had his share of multiple wives. There are many rumors and whispers as to why his marriages ended. The innuendo of secret affairs have also reared their ugly head in various corners of the rumor mill, Colin has repeatedly refuted those rumors emphatically. Due to the inflammatory content of his body of work, Colin hasn’t been forthcoming when it comes to the details of his personal life. He has worked hard to keep his private life out of the spotlight. The pressures of that notwithstanding he’s had to endure criticism and scrutiny over every action from his profession/career all the way to his failed relationships. Being so outspoken and controversial comes with a price, apparently people tend to place blame on his brazen speech on air and lifestyle is the very reason no one can truly lead a “simple” life with him. Having a multi-layered personality in the lime light can be a blessing or a curse.

During his long career certain comments he’s made over the radio waves have gotten him in hot water over the years with a lot of people throughout the country. To Colin’s credit; he has many fans who support and like his show. Whom no matter what tune in faithfully every time he is on.

The media is relentless in their attempts to cover his personal affairs. They’ve asked in interviews for his ex wives to comment on their lives with and without Colin and a possible contrast between the two. Both his ex wives (Kim and Amy) declined to speak or comment about what happened, if anything; during their time with Colin nor why their relationship with him ended. The circumstances surrounding all his marriages are mysterious and held close. To be Honest, whether you love him or hate him there is no denying the fact he has grit and star power. You have to be tuff to have come from what he has come from and still achieve your dreams. Colin Cowherd will be around for a long time.

Last Modified: Oct 21, 2018

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