Chris Matthews is a very famous American personality most commonly known for his writing skills, political commentary and guest appearances on many debate shows. He is most commonly known for his show on MSNBC.

Early Life

Chris Matthews real name is Chris John Matthews. He was born in the city of Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania in the country of United States of America. He was born on January 17th in the year of 1945. He is currently 72 years of age. He has got 2 younger siblings named John Matthews and Leonard Matthews.

He completed his high school from Pennsylvania high school and completed his graduation from Harvard College of Political science. He got a lot of experience by working as a volunteer in Republic party and working alongside many great politicians.

In his early childhood days, he loved playing football and basketball and has got many trophies under his name. Chris was a great speaker and loved speaking in his college and participated in many debate competitions. He also loved listening to Jazz music and he told in an interview that Jazz music kept him calm and composed.

He also loved watching action movies. His favourite movie is Godfather and his favourite actor is Al Pacino. Chris has got a great height of 6 feet and 3 inches. Chris’s eye colour is black and his hair colour is white. His body is still in shape and his ethnicity is white. His nationality is American.


Matthews started his career as a staff member us Pennsylvania police department. Due to his interest in politics, he started working as an assistant to Senator Kennedy. After a few years of experience and getting a lot of experience in politics, he ran for the election of U. S senator in which he lost.This loss didn't demotivate him and he kept expressing his views on political matters. Chris also starred in many guest shows and finally, he got his own show to be broadcast on MSNBC named Hardwell with Chris Matthews. The show is a success and is still broadcasted where he expresses his view on politics and Hollywood.

Personal life

Chris is Married to Kathleen Matthews for 40 years. The couple lives happily and has got 3 children. The couple keeps their life away from social media.

Net worth

Chris has got a net worth of around 5 million us dollars which he earned by his political commentary and his books. He is also earned it by his shows on MSNBC.

Social media Chris is quite famous on social media and he has got a lot of followers on social media. His Twitter page has got a following of 2.4 lakh people. His Twitter username is @ChrisMatthews. His Facebook page has got a username of @ChrisMatthews. His Facebook page has got around 2.1 lakh followers. His Instagram page has got around 2 lakh followers and his Instagram username is @ChrisMatthews.

Last Modified: 26 Mar, 2018

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