Phil Keating is a famous American journalist who can be seen working as a writer for the Miami bureau on the Fox News channel.

Personal life

Phil Keating was born on 11th April, 196 in the U.S.A to parents Dava Keating and Donna Keating. Phil’s dad was a soldier in the American army which is the reason why his family had to shift their house a lot of times. Although Phil holds an American nationality, he belongs to an Irish background. Phil has two elder sisters and belonged to the typical middle class family where his mother worked as a school teacher and contributed to the expenses of the household. Growing up, it was Phil’s elder sister who always took good care of him in the absence of their parents.

Growing up was never easy for Phil Keating as we used to experience bad health a lot of time. He had a poor immunity which is why he had to undergo a liver surgery. The doctors advised for one more surgery but doe to the financial constraints of the parents, the surgery couldn’t happen. Subsequently, Phil’s medicines too had to be discontinued for the same reason. It was all because of bad experiences like these that have made Phil the intrepid and bold man that he is today.


While Phil Keating’s father was still in the army, the family had to shift their houses every few years. So Phil was living in Germany with his father until his retirement before returning back to the United States. It was then when he envisioned himself as a journalist and decided to go for it. He detested the job of an army officer since the wife and kids had to be left alone. Phil started photography and reporting at WMAZ-TV in Georgia in the year 1990. Few months later, he was assigned as the lead reported for KUSA-TV, WBNS-TV and KHQ-TV, all dispersed in various parts of the United States.

Phil Keating had to exude a lot of confidence in front of the camera which is surely something every journalist needs. His career in journalism commenced in the month of March in 2004 when he got recruited for the Fox News Channel. Phil gathered appreciations from all across the country for his work. His versatility was praised by the masses. He covered the death of Caylee Anthony and Anna Nicole Smith which was surely a commendable job.

He then went on to do a cover for a NASA story and received even more love from the fans. He did a coverage from the Bahamas about the Hurricane Irene in 2012. He even covered several high profile cases such as the rape accusation by basketball player Kobe Bryant, Matthey Shepard and JonBenet Ramsey. He did a live coverage of the horrendous shootings that took place at Columbine High School. Phil Keating has undoubtedly stolen the spotlight ever since he stepped into the studio of Fox News. His net worth is estimated to be around $300k.

Last Modified: 26 Mar, 2018

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