Carolyn Manno is a female sports reporter for a sports event that was long considered to be a sporting event for men. From a very young age, she loved sports and wanted a career in the field of sports. She took sport reporting to a point that it proved that both men and women can enjoy sports equally. Her work cast aside the notion that women are inferior to men, so long as sport reporting and sports knowledge is concerned.

She likes to keep her personal life, private. She has never publically informed anything about her personal life, her boyfriend or other relationships. She is not married and has not gone through divorce. She thinks it is good that her personal life stays away from the eyes of public. Not just her dating life, her parents’ name and date of birth is also missing from the public. All that she has mentioned about her life is that from a very young age she has had an interest towards sports.

Her interests lie in hockey, football and basketball reporting as well as reporting on professional skateboarding. Sources say that she has never been spotted with a guy in public so far and her past history of relationship is unknown. She never discussed her personal life on-air. It is an assumption that she might be single and unmarried. Though she shared photos on Twitter, there is no proof that Carolyn Manno has a boyfriend. Her personal information is not updated on many internet sites like Wikipedia, because of her unwillingness to share. It is said that she has been very focused on her career that she left her dating life at her doorsteps. She has a Twitter profile and her fans get to know a little more about her, through it.

She was a tomboy when she was young and was interested in sports which the other girls, did not enjoy. In order to chase her dreams, she took up telecommunications and in 2009, she was offered a work in NBC, as a sports reporter. Her works include the football night and coverage of college football and basketball tournaments. She covered the Super Bowl game, Stanley Cup, NBA finals and other games. She covered the most epic collapse of the Red Sox that occurred in 2011. She has also contributed in MSNBC.  She has been awarded the Edward R Murrow award for her works in Journalism and the Indiana Spectrum Award for Journalistic Excellence.

She made her Olympic debut at 2012 Olympic Games as the sports desk anchor and reporter. She is currently working as a reporter and anchor for Comcast SportsNet and is also a contributor to Her fans love her coverage and most of them enjoy the fact that Carolyn Manno is very easy on the eyes.

 Her casual dressing and comfortable reporting make her a star, in sports reporting. Beyond sports reporting, her favorite pastime is taking long naps. She is also an avid golfer and loves boarding. She listens to live music broadcasts and loves the feel of new sneakers. She will be covering the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. There are talks about her joining the Sports Radio Network.

Last Modified: Oct 21, 2018

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