Quick facts
Birth date 5 May, 1959
Age 60 yrs
Occupations News presenter
Television presenter
Contributing editor
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Ridgewood
Residence New Canaan
Education The Catholic University of America
George Washington University
Brookdale Community College
Gender Male
Description American TV news anchor
Spouse Jane Gillan Stoddard[ M. 1986]

Brian Douglas Williams, a renowned journalist known presently as Brian Williams, was born on 5th May in the year 1959. His biography began in Ridgewood, New Jersey, where he was born in the family of Dorothy and Gordon Williams. His parents worked as a stage actress and an executive vice president of an association respectively. Brian Williams has 2 brothers and 1 sister, and he was the youngest in the family.


At first, Brian Williams graduated from the New Monmouth’s Mater Dei High School. Moreover, he served as a volunteer firefighter for a total of three years there. He also started to be engaged in the school journalism. Following his studying at all, he moved on to study at the Brookdale Community College, the Catholic University of America, and the George Washington University. However, he has not completed his studies in neither of them.

Career Experience

Brian Williams started working in a pancake house when he was just 15 years old. Following his dropping out from the colleges, he became an intern in the administration of Jimmy Carter. In 1981, however, he joined the KOAM-TV channel, stationed in Pittsburg, Kansas, which became his window to the career of a TV host and anchor.

A year later, however, he was employed by the WTTG station, owned by the Fox Television. At that time, he was the channel’s reporter in Washington, D.C. Brian Williams had become much more distinguished and recognized by viewers when he got employed by the WCAU channel, which was an affiliate of the CBS at that time.

In 1987, Brian Williams moved to New York and became a host of a show at the WBCS channel. However, he received a golden ticket in 1993 after joining the NBC news. There, he started to anchor the “Weekend Nightly News”, an all-national show, and became a lead correspondent at the White House. In 1996, he became a managing editor and anchor of “The News with Brian Williams” show, broadcasted by the CNBC and MSNBC. Moreover, he also was a substitute anchor for Tom Brokaw’s show.

Brian Williams received the most fame and recognition when he started to host the “NBC Nightly News” in 2004. Already in the first year of being in charge of the program, Brian Williams got two major topics to cover: the Hurricane Katrina and Asian Tsunami. Then, he was widely supported and praised for the comprehensive coverage. While Brian Williams has worked at the NBC, the channel beat two its largest competitors, CBS and ABC: the news program of the NBC has had more viewers than the news programs of those two competing channels taken together.

In the period between 2011 and 2013, Brian Williams also was a host of the “Rock Center with Brian Williams” show. However, it was closed due to the low ratings. Brian Williams had to be a subject to the suspension of his hosting of the show due to his misinterpreting reports from Iraq. After he was suspended from the work for half a year in 2015, he was renewed later and continued to work at the “NBC Nightly News” show. At the NBC channel, his salary is $13 million per year. Up to date, his net worth is believed to be $40 million.

Personal life

In 1986, Brian Williams got married to Gillan Williams. Together with his wife, they have raised a daughter named Allison, who is also an actress starring in the “Girls” TV series.

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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