Quick facts
Birth date 17 Sep, 1974
Age 45 yrs
Occupations Journalist
Sports commentator
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place South Carolina
Education University of Massachusetts Amherst
Gender Female
Description American sports reporter
Spouse Ben Cherington

Wendi Nix, who is presently known as a famous sports anchor and reporter, was born on 17th September in the year 1974. Her biography began in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, where she drew the first breath in a middle class family. It is also known that her father was a football college at some college. Therefore, it may be a primary cause why Wendi Nix has been so interested in sports since the very childhood.


In 1992, Wendi Mix completed her studies at the Socastee High School, located in South California’s Myrtle Beach. Thereafter, Wendi Nix obtained a Bachelor’s degree in French and Economics after graduating from the South California’s Wofford College. Later, she obtained a Master’s degree at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Career Experience

In order to achieve such a high position in the media sphere that Wendi Nix can boast now, she had to go through a long and hard way, beginning with her internship and ending with a landing at the ESPN channel. At first, Wendi Nix became an intern at a local TV station where she gained her first work experience.

Following it, she was hired by the WPDE TV station, an affiliate of the ABC channel, located in South Carolina, the home state of the journalist. After spending several at the WDPE channel, Wendi Nix went on to work at the NESN regional TV station, the headquarters of which is located in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Following her success at a local and regional level, Wendi Nix was invited to join the Fox Sports Net. At the Fox Channel, she proved herself as a talented and dedicated journalist, and this paved her further way to the ESPN channel. However, prior to landing at the channel she has been known best for, she also worked as a sports anchor for the Boston’s WHDH channel for three years. Thereafter, she began to work for the ESPN channel in 2007. At that time, she started to cover NFL championships right away, and Wendi Nix has been best remembered thanks to her perfect coverage of the NFL. In addition to covering college football, the successful journalist has also covered golf and the College Football of the New England Area. Moreover, Wendi Nix has also prepared hundreds of interviews, which were broadcasted by the ESPN channel, with many star football players from different colleges.

In the meantime, Wendi Nix has not forgotten about her past career and has frequently appeared in the “Sports Extra” show, broadcasted by the WHDH channel, her former employer. At the age 41, she continues to work for the ESPN. Even though it is obvious that she is able to brag about a high income, her net worth and salary remain unrevealed to the public.

Personal life

Unfortunately, Wendi Nix does not say much about her private life. It is only known that she was married to Ben Cherington, a former general manager of the Boston Red Sox. It is not known when she decided to divorce with her husband, but Wendi Nix said that she is not married anymore in an interview in 2010. Wendi Nix is also present on Twitter and has over 33 thousand followers there.

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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