Andrea Mitchell is a commentator, a reporter, an anchor and a television journalist of NBC in Washington D.C. She is News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent of NBC and she was reporting about the Race For White house in 2008. It was for MSNBC, Today, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt. She is the host of Andrea Mitchell Reports which airs 12 noon up to 1pm. He did appear like guest host at Meet The Press and she appears regularly on The Rachel Maddow Show and Hardball With Chris Matthews.

From her biography Andrea Mitchell grew up with a Jewish family in the city of New Rochelle of New York. She is a daughter to Sydney Mitchell and Cecile. Her father worked like Chief executive officer and he was furniture manufacturing company’s partial owners. He worked as a president for Beth El Synagogue of New Rochelle in 40 years. The mother worked like New York Institute of Technology’s administrator. He has a brother called Arthur and he moved to live in British Columbia.

Andrea Mitchell finished her studies at New Rochelle High School. She attended University of Pennsylvania where she got a Bachelor of Arts. She was working at WXPN, a student radio station. She continued to live in Philadelphia, even after the graduation. She got hired to work as the reporter of KYW radio. She became well known when she became the City hall correspondent of the station; it was when Frank Rizzo was the mayor.

Andrea Mitchell went to work at WTOP, an affiliate of CBS based in Washington. After two years, she also transferred and started to work at NBC. She was working like the general correspondent. She got named to be the NBC News Energy correspondent and she reported about the energy crisis of 1970 and Three Mille Island Nuclear accident. She was also covering from the White House since 1981 up to the time she became the chief congressional correspondent in the year 1988.

From 1978, Andrea Mitchell worked for NBC News. She worked like a Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent at NBC News from 1994. Before, she was working like Chief White House Correspondent and then the chief congressional Correspondent. In the year 2005, Mitchell published her book which she called, Talking Back… to Presidents, Dictators and Assorted Scoundrels. She was talking about what she did as a journalist. From 2008, she had worked as the host for the show under her name Andrea Mitchell Reports. It airs during the weekdays at noon.

Andrea Mitchell got married but the first marriage to Gil Jackson ended in divorce. She got married to the second husband called Alan Greenspan. He was a Federal Reserve Chairman. In the year 2011, Andrea Mitchell said that she suffered a breast cancer and it was found out when she went to routine checkups with the doctor. Since it was caught when it was still early, it got treated.

Last Modified: 12 Jul, 2018

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