Eric Matthews is a recording artist, a record producer, a musician and a composer. He is of American nationality. He had produced the records which got public praise around the world. He has also true fans in the entire world.

Matthews was born in the year 1969, in the city of Compton of California. He likes to keep most information about himself private and did not talk about his parents or siblings. He only says that he started to love music while growing up but nothing else about his own childhood. Taking into consideration about his musical capacity and talents, it is clear that he may have got proper education. However, there is no way of knowing more about his qualifications and education. He only started the singing career while he was still in high school.

Eric Matthew started to sing in the Band Cardinal. He then got a contract from Sub Pop Records in the year 1995. This is where he recorded his popular albums like the Lateness of the Hour and the It’s Heavy In Here. He then signed the contract to work with Empyrean Records like a solo artist. The label released his album called Cardinal in the year 2004. After one year, he was able to release another album which is called Six Kings of Passion Looking for An Exit. The album became popular and it was received well by both the music fans and critics. After a while, he released other albums like The Imagination Stage and Foundation Sounds. In the recent time, he released an album called Too Much World and it did well.

As the year passes, the experience and mastery of the music, he had made him to be one of the most successful musicians. When it comes to his biography, he says that what real matter in his life is his work. He says that his work is like addiction and he will not be able to live if he does not sing. He continues with a good professionalism and he is a dedicated person to whatever he does.

By now, Eric Matthews is in love and his girlfriend is Kim Ceccarelli. Other than this, he likes to keep personal information away of the public. By now, there is no record that he may have got married before and divorced. He does not talk about his private life but his work only.

When Sub Pop terminated the relationship with Matthews, he started to work like a sideman for some of the groups like Ivy, Bug 2000, Volovan, Pugwash, Paula Kelley, Elliot Smith, Man of the year, The Dandy Warhols and Tahiti 80.

Together with Christopher Seink, a guitarist born in Cleveland, they formed The Seinking Ships, an instrumental band. In the year 2009, he ended the contract with Empyrean Records and started to sign with SheLoom. He had collaborated with many musicians like Tony Lash, Gregg Williams and Richard Davies among others.

Last Modified: 12 Jul, 2018

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