Quick facts
Birth date 27 Sep, 1965
Age 54 yrs
Occupations Basketball player
Basketball coach
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Beirut
Education Palisades Charter High School
University of Arizona
Gender Male
Description American basketball player and coach

Steve Kerr is known as the best basketball player and also the best basketball coach. He had been the head coach for Golden State Warriors, an American basketball team found in California.

Steve Kerr got a gold medal from FIBA World Championship. He had set many records as a manager and a player. Steve started his career in NBA in the year 1998. He played for Phoenix Suns for one year and then got traded to join Cleveland Cavaliers. He spent 3 seasons with Cavaliers before he joined Orlando Magic Basketball team found in Florida.

He spent one year, while at Orlando Magic and then moved to Chicago Bulls in the year 1993. This is the time he played with Michael Jordan. Steve worked with the Chicago bulls for 6 seasons and he became the key member in Bulls Team. After Chicago Bulls, he went to San Antonio Spurs and had two successful seasons there. He also played with Portland Trail Blazers.

As reported in his biography, Steve Kerr also became a successful coach. When he became the Golden State Warrior’s head coach, he started to break and to set new records with the team. He set a new record as the most wins of a Rookie coach with NBA. He led the win against Dallas Mavericks and he became a rookie coach who won at NBA finals after Pat Riley of 1982.

Besides winning the NBA Trophy of 2015, Steve Kerr also helped to the team to set the new record of most wins in the NBA season to go for NBA finals. Even if they lost to Cleveland Cavaliers, they won the following year against them. Kerr had also worked as Basketball Operation president, the Phoenix Suns’ General Manager. He also worked like a NBA color commentator at TNT.

Steve Kerr was born in the year 1965 and his father was Malcolm H Kerr while the mother is Ann Zwicker. He was born in Lebanon. The father had moved in the country and was raising his family. Kerr had three siblings. His father worked as University Lecturer and he had specialty in the Middle East Academics. This is why Steve spent his childhood in the country and moved to other countries in Middle East where he attended schools. When they returned in America, he attended Palisades Charter High School found in Los Angeles.

Steve Kerr got married and his wife is called Margot Kerr. They married in the year 1990. They have three children, two sons, Matthew and Nick and a daughter they call Maddy. Nick as his father, he played on College level with San Diego University. Maddy plays volleyball and she was among the best players while in High School. Steve Kerr had no record of divorces. Steve Kerr has impressive body and he is stall with 1.91 cm. in 2015, he suffered undisclosed condition that led to some back surgeries.

Last Modified: Feb 7, 2020

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