Stefan Holt is a journalist of American citizenship and he works for WNBC and NBC5 in the city of New York, before he was based in Chicago. He is a son to Lester Holt with Carol Hagen Holt. His father also worked in journalism.

Stefan was born in the city of Chicago in Illinois but it is not clear when he was born. Since he grew up in the family that was already in journalism, he got interested in the career when he was still too young. For the education, he went to Pepperdine University and this is where he did broadcast journalism with political science.

From his biography, he started the broadcasting career at WPBF at the West Palm Beach in Florida. He was the one who covered the California Wildfire of 2008 and the presidential election of 2008. He then joined NBC5 based in Chicago. In the year that followed, he got the promotion and then he became a co-anchor for the news of 4:30pm. He left this station to join the sister channel called WNBC based in New York.

By now, he is the host of the WNBC newscast that takes place at 4pm. When he was leaving the station, he was said to be highly curious, smart and hard working journalism. Since he is a successful journalist and he is working at a well known channel, he is earning enough money. However, there is no place where there is information on his net worth and his salary. By now, he had never been given any honor or awards. However, this does not stop him to do the job in the best way. Everyone is waiting to see if he will get some awards in the near future.

Stefan Holt is not involved into too many controversies, be it in his professional or personal life. He is not the topic of any problems and he had the full concentration to the work he is doing.

Stefan Holt is active on the social media like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. He has at least 12K followers on the Facebook account and at least 11,6K on the twitter account. On Instagram, he has 6.8k.

Stefan Holt got married and he has already a son called Henry Holt. He met with his wife Morgan while at Pepperdine Universities. They started to date each other and they got married in the year 2012. There is no information about the two having other relationships. He is not involved into any extra martial affair and has not other girlfriends. From the time they had been married, they are happy together. Stefan Holt is also licensed as a private pilot and he loves to fly the airplanes even if he does not like heights. He likes pizza and he can eat it every day without getting bored.

Last Modified: 23 Jun, 2018

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