Quick facts
Birth date 13 May, 1962
Age 57 yrs
Occupations Sports commentator
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Boston
Education Syracuse University
Gender Male
Description American sportscaster

Sean Mcdonough is a sports commentator and he is 56 years old. He grew up in Massachusetts. His father is Will McDonough and he is known as legendary Boston Globe sportswriter. He wrote for CBS sports and NBC. He was born with Cara, Erin, Terry and Ryan.

From his biography, Sean Mcdonough is known as the most talented broadcaster and he was named as Voice of ESPN during Monday Night Football. He is the leader in play by play commentator at the net work. He covered World Series, Olympic Games, NCAA final four and golf championships.

Sean Mcdonough started the career in the year 1989 but before working at ESPN, he was providing the sports broadcast and they included women’s and men’s basketball, US open Tennis, NFL, PGA Championship and The Masters. He was working at 10NCAA men’s basketball tournament and he did contribute to the Olympic Winter games.

Sean Mcdonough spent 10 years working at CBS sports and he was a lead announcer for college football. He was announcing for Boston Red Sox. He had worked on Radio for NFL games on ESPN Radio. Sean replaced Mike Tirico at ESPN and he was a lead announcer of Monday Night Football.

Sean Mcdonough is a popular person and he likes to attend public events and movie premieres. He was among attendees of HBO documentary known as Glickman. Syracuse University members were the host.

When it comes to his net worth, Sean Mcdonough has 2 million dollars. However, the recent takeover in the job and becoming the MNF announcer, it may have increased his net worth as the time passes.

Sean Mcdonough signed a contract in the year 2016 and it was to work as MNF lead announcer. The salary did increase with this deal but it is not clear how much he was able to make. In the reports of Boston Globe Magazine, Sean Mcdonough wanted to be a close associate of Sandy Montag, who has been with him on the college football team.

When it comes to the married life of Sean Mcdonough, he does not like the idea of talking too much about it. There are only rumors that talk about his private life but he never confirmed to anything. If he is married or had a divorce, he never talks about it. Some people even speculate that he may be gay and he has a private gay partner. This had not been proven yet. He is more concerned about pursuing his career and to explore play by play action at the field.

Sean Mcdonough attended Syracuse University and he managed to start his career there in 1982. Before joining Syracuse Chiefs of the International League, he was working like a college football broadcaster at CBS. In 2012, Sean Mcdonough suffered Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome also called SCDS. Sean Mcdonough is the President for Sean Mcdonough Charitable foundation that helps children.

Last Modified: Feb 7, 2020

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