Quick facts
Birth date 16 Jan, 1950
Age 70 yrs
Occupations News presenter
Citizenship Canada
Birth place Toronto
Residence Toronto
Education York University
Gender Female
Description Canadian journalist

Sandie Rinaldo is a Canadian television journalist and anchor. She got to be anchor for the reports on "Canada A.M.", making her the first woman in Canada to hold a full-time job as a national commentator. She was married to Michael Rinaldo.

Sandie Rinaldo was born in Toronto, and was first seen on TV as a lover of the dance floor amid the mid-1960s on the CBC Television youth arrangement. In time, she turned into the TV journalist and anchor she is and married Michael Rinaldo. Their married life had unpleasant patches, however they kept it solid for some time.

Despite the fact that Sandie Rinaldo has become a very powerful influence, life has managed her some ghastly wounds. In 2005, she lost her husband to lung disease. She was therefore crushed by the misfortune and turned into a backer for lung cancer mindfulness and backing. Notwithstanding, on the grounds that there is a shame against those with lung malignancy as being casualties of their own conduct (a.k.a. smoking), her backing for the cure of the cancer in the long run wound down.

She guarantees that she couldn't have done what she did on the off chance that she did not have Michael as a partner. Michael was extremely pleased with Sandie's energy and urged her to chase her dreams. He made it simple for her to seek after them as a result of his choice to be a husband who stays at home. This, with likewise her sensible work hours, made her exceptionally equipped to be both a businesswoman and an extremely present mother. She has stayed close with her three girls and is excited to be expecting her first grandchild soon.

She has done a design show with Wellspring, a Toronto-based association that gives backing to families and people who have experienced or are experiencing [a] potentially lethal disease/s. She and her youngsters have raised cash to assemble a calm room at the healing center in memory of her husband. As indicated by Sandie Rinaldo, lung disease is one of those terrible diseases, alongside ovarian and pancreatic malignancies, for which the cure rate is not high whatsoever.

In her current days, Sandie Rinaldo tries to be on amazingly strict diets that do not work for long. She concedes that she doesn't consume breakfast frequently. However, in any case, she consumes the absolute best she can. A few things from her eating regimen incorporate enormous greens, salmon, and turkey.

Sandie Rinaldo takes a gander at other people who have a long life span in the business. From her perceptions, she has presumed that it is most prudent to take life one step at a time. When one loses somebody important to them, it is a wake-up call to how you ought to act and live. Essentially put, one acknowledges rapidly that if one does not relish the moment, the moment is gone. Sandie Rinaldo plans to revel in each moment every day, and each minute without thinking too far in the present or past.

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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