Morgan Stapleton is a well known songwriter and singer who hails from the country of the United States of America. Morgan Stapleton is under the immense spotlight of the media due to her marriage to the well known musician Chris Stapleton. At present, Morgan Stapleton works the duet vocals, background and harmony for Chris. Apart from this Morgan Stapleton has received critical acclaim and a solid reputation for being a great TV host.

Personal Life

Morgan Stapleton was born as Morgan Haynes in the city of Nashville in the state of Tennessee, in the country of the united States of America. Thereby making her an American citizen by virtue of birth of her country. Morgan Stapleton always wanted to study and work as a style planner but fate had other plans for her. Morgan Stapleton went on to graduate with a degree in the field of management and human science.

By taking a small view of Morgan Stapleton’s personal life, her affairs and her romantic relationships we know that at present Morgan Stapleton is married. Morgan Stapleton got married in 2007 and her husband is the well known singer and song-writer Chris Stapleton. At present Morgan Stapleton and Chris Stapleton are both parents to two children. The couple have both a daughter and a son. Morgan Stapleton and her husband have both gone on record to state that they are each other’s muse while composing music.

Morgan Stapleton and her husband are in a happy relationship and there are no rumours or gossip surrounding either of them. Morgan Stapleton is known to be straight when it comes to her sexual orientation and in both her personal and professional life, Morgan Stapleton has actively avoided controversies.


Morgan Stapleton has managed to establish herself as a talented and well known song-writer in the music industry. She can be credited with multiple super hit songs and some of those numerous hits include songs such as, ‘Don’t Forget to Remember Me’ which was sung by Carrie Underwood. Also the song ’You Ain’t Right’ can be credited to her. Some of the other credits for songwriting comprise of ‘Somewhere Else To Fall’,’Wings Of Your Love’, ‘I Will Someday’,‘Talk Is Cheap’ and ‘Stop Cheatin’ On Me’.

Morgan Stapleton was included in the nomination for the Country Music Association Awards as well and it did mark the highlight of her career.

Being a conventional beauty Morgan Stapleton has a body type which can be classified as slim and she is of average weight and height. Morgan Stapleton has naturally light brown eye colour and has black hair with the occasional blonde highlights that she sports. Morgan Stapleton is regarded to be good looking by her audiences and fans alike. Morgan Stapleton is under the immense spotlight of the media due to her marriage to the well known musician Chris Stapleton. Apart from her song-writing career Morgan Stapleton is known for her career as a TV host.

Last Modified: 07 Jul, 2018

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