Lauren Deleo is the wife Jake Lacy. The two have been together for many years and they decided to get married in 2015. It was in New York City. They two are happy together and they are yet to plan to get children yet. It is still early in their marriage so there are no divorce rumors that surround their marriage. They have been together for a long period and he says that she is the one who helps him to be more successful. Lacy has not extra marital affairs, the same as Lauren Deleo. When they appear together for some events, they always look happy and beautiful together.

Jake lacy is an actor and he became famous when he acted as Casey Marion Davenport in Better With You. It was broadcasting at ABC. Jake was born in the year 1985 and it was in Greenfield of Massachusetts. He is an American of mixed ethnicity.

From his biography, he went to University of North Carolina School for the Arts in the year 2008 and then moved to live in New York City. In his career, he worked for different sports like Better with You where he was Casey and it is viewed to be his greatest break. The show ran for just one season. Afterwards he joined The Good Win games, the Regal Pains and the Directing Light. He was in the last parody arrangement for the Office in the role of Pete. He showed in a pilot scene of McCarthys and he had the parts in the movie called Intramural and Clear Child. He did play as Richard for Todd Haynes motion picture in the name of Ditty.

Jake has a net worth of at least 500 thousand dollars however, his salary has not been revealed yet. Jake and his wife Lauren Deleo keeps everything about their life a secret. He is tall with 188cm for his height and he has 84kg. His hair is brown while his eyes are blue. Jake is active at the Instagram and he has over 20.3K followers at Instagram and he is an active on Twitter and Facebook.

When it comes to her biography, Lauren Deleo does not have much information and she is only known as the wife of her celebrity husband. He attended early education at Otter Valley Union High School and he pursued his degree at North Carolina University. He started to act while in high school and played as Demetrius in the Midsummer Night’s Dream. He had worked with Conrad in the Much Ado about Nothing. Among his successful work, there is working with Jenny Slate, in the Obvious Child. Jake likes to travel and to enjoy the leisure time with her wife. When they are not working, they threw parties. Jake is good painter but he only paints as a hobby. Lacy is also a salsa dancer.

Last Modified: 30 Jun, 2018

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