Koren Grieveson is one of the most talented and renowned young chef’s across the globe. Her success as an unconventional genius in her field is unparalleled. Though popularly underrated, her talent has helped her overcome all obstacles. Grieveson is popularly known for her appearances on TV shows such as ‘Iron Chef America: The Series’ and ‘Beat Chef’.

Personal Life

It has frequently been published in the media that Koren Grieveson is an Angolan, however this is untrue as she is actually a South African. Karen herself stated that she was born there in the 1970’s and was raised in South Africa. Grieveson’s father was into the poultry business, this is the major reason for Grieveson to constantly relocate from one nation to another. Along-with her parents and her sister Grieveson visited Brazil, Iran and England. It was then that the family decided to settle down in the United States of America. In the U.S.A, the Grieveson family first made Glastonbury in Connecticut their home. Her love for her native country is easily evident by the tattoo she has of her family crest which is of South African heritage.

Grieveson made her sexuality public and came out lesbian when she made her engagement to fellow chef Anne Burrell public on Burrell’s twitter account on 2013, New Year’s Day. The couple got engaged in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Despite being engaged for almost four and a half years the duo have no plans of getting married anytime soon and they currently live together in New York City.


As a young adult, Koren was fascinated by the military jeeps and in a bid to drive them some day she enlisted for the military, which was a very odd choice for a girl of 17 years of age in her neighbourhood.Though she eventually quit the military after about 8 to 9 years of service, she decided to pursue a career as a chef an thus she successfully enrolled in a culinary school, which was the ‘Culinary Institute of America’.

In the year 1998, she began as the fill-in sous gourmet specialist of ‘Kahan’s Blackbird’, a job she continued to hold until 2003, following which she became a chef at Avec, a restaurant known for it’s Mediterranean and Midwestern cuisine. Additionally, she became the storey supervisor/floor manager at Avec, and continued in the position until she quit Avec in the year 2012.

After quitting Avec, Grieveson started an organisation named Claudette, which she is actively a part of till date. In the year 2015, Koren became the executive chef at New York City’s Resto.Koren Grieveson has time to time worked as a fill-in gourmet expert in a string of different restaurants before she ended up being a prominent chef appearing on TV shows such as ‘Beat chef’, ‘Top Chef’ and ‘Iron Chef America’ . All the work escapades undertaken by Koren, some along with her partner Anne Burrell have helped Grieveson amass a great deal of wealth, pegging her net worth at USD 5 Million.

Last Modified: Nov 11, 2018

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