Kelly O’Donnell is a famous, prominent journalist, who was born on 17th May in the year 1965. She drew the first breath in the family of Irish immigrants, Kristien O’Donnell and Josh O’Donnell. Even though it is known that she was born in the United States, there is no available information about the exact place (city) of her birth. All her grandparents are of the Irish origin. She was the second child in the family: Kelly also has a sister named Jenny. The father of Kelly owned some kind of business and had to travel a lot when she had been very young. Despite Kelly O’Donnell’s current occupation, she dreamt to become an actress and even attended the classes of dancing.


Kelly O’Donnell’s studying started at the Ohio’s Mooch High School, even though she could not complete it and continued to study at the Gregory Advanced School. Then, she proved herself as a very active pupil by participating in a number of activities, including cheerleading, sports, dancing, and academics. Thereafter, she obtained a degree in Journalism at the School of Education and Social Policy, a department of Northwestern University, after getting a scholarship from the university.

Career Experience

She has been always active and hard-working at her work, and this is exactly what made this part of her biography to stand out. In the first place, she was hired by the WJW TV channel, affiliated with the Fox and based in Ohio’s Cleveland, immediately after her graduation from the university. In Cleveland, she had worked as an anchor and reporter since the beginning of the 1990s. In addition, Kelly O’Donnell also took part in several other TV shows of the CBS channel (at that time, the WJW station was owned not by the Fox, but by the CBS yet).

However, she has been remembered by many viewers thanks to her work for the NBC News. It is not something surprising. First of all, she has been a long-time channel’s correspondent in the White House. Among many topics that she has covered on the NBC, there are such themes: the campaign of John McCain in 2008, the work of the Congress and Bush Administration, and attacks of the September11. When the Iraq war had been going on, she was the channel’s reporter in Qatar and Baghdad.

Kelly O’Donnell has also been featured in a number of TV shows, many of which she hosted. For instance, she regularly appeared in “The Chris Matthews Show”, even though it was later cancelled. Kelly O’Donnell was also a host of such channel’s show as the “Dateline NBC” and “Weekend Today.” For her outstanding work and incredible efforts, she was included in the Cleveland’s Hall of Fame. Moreover, she obtained several prestigious awards like a National Headliner Award and the Emmy Awards. This can explain why Kelly O’Donnell is able to brag about the net worth of a stunning $8 million!

Personal life

She leads a calm way of life with her husband, J. David Ake. She has been married to him for more than 10 years. Yet, the couple does not seem to have children. Besides, J. David Ake also works as a journalist. Kelly O’Donnell is adored by many viewers, even though some of them have criticized her recently about an apparent weight gain.

Last Modified: Oct 24, 2018

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