There are professionals in the limelight, and then there is Julian. Hardly would you find information on his personal life. The construction expert with at least thirty years experience lives in London. How he manages to keep off all attention and maintain his life as a secret is a mystery. Searching for a biography on such a guy will take you hours on different sites. You are lucky to be reading this. On mention of Julian Daniel, construction pops up. He is renowned specifically because of his impeccable skills in the field.


There is no information on his early schooling. Nevertheless, he attended Sheffield University and graduated as a Civil Engineer. He also holds an MBA. Julian’s siblings or parents are not mentioned anywhere. However, his British citizenship is not in doubt.


It would be a great achievement to dig into this part of his life. Again, he has managed to completely shut the world off. Julian poses as an all career man, with no social life. Nevertheless, there are rumors he got married and has kids living with him. These cannot be substantiated by any means apart from Julian himself.


The construction guru serves as a managing director at an Independent centric construction deliverer in London. Blue Sky Building is among the top firms in the global construction industry. He has built his career in the industry by working his way up from foreman positions. 30 years is a significant period for a professional in any field. The fact that Julian focused on construction all this time, hints on his prowess.

Before joining Blue Sky Construction, he worked at Bovis Lend Lease as a board director. During the 14-year tenure with the company, he was at the forefront of projects and all activities that entail construction both in Wales and in England. Besides, he features among the few professionals that steered growth of Wimpey Construction. He joined the construction firm after extensive experience from previous employers, including Blue Sky Building. On joining Wimpey, he was appointed to serve in the board then later a regional manager on basis of his rich resume of skill, experience, and achievements.

Julian Daniel has received numerous awards and accolades from his projects he participated. During his time at Bovis, Julian had an opportunity to work with the government on refurbishment projects. Among the successful projects include; new Churchill Museum, expanding cabinet war rooms, refurbishing The Treasury, Excise and Inland Revenue and government offices on the Great George Street. Most of these projects have received international awards and of course recognition in his country. Julian boasts of holding a gold medal award by the Chartered Institute of Building.

On the other hand, Julian Daniel is renowned as a philanthropist. His selfless contribution to non-profit organizations and social work cannot go unmentioned. He donated his expertise in Project Management to oversee establishment of the National police Memorial at Royal Mall. He has contributed over £2 million to UNICEF. Julian also participates in Annual Global Incident and Injury Free Leadership.

Last Modified: 19 May, 2018

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