Carrie Yocom is a former analyst in the field of Strategic Investments. She has been associated with the Cardinal Health Foundation. Prior to this Carrie Yocom has also been a part of Bath & Body Works, where she served in the position of an Operations Planner. A majority of Carrie Yocom’s fame is due to her marriage to Chris Spielman, who is a former football player.

Personal Life

Carrie Yocom, an American National by birth was born in Youngstown in the state of Ohio, United States of America. It was here, that Yocom spent a great period of her early life along with her family. The details about her family aren’t available in her biography, nor are they available anywhere in the media. Carrie was a student at the Youngstown State University in the year 1989 and post completing her education, she graduated from there in the year 1991.

In July 2013, Carrie Yocom married Charles Christopher Spielman who is popularly known as Chris Spielman to his fans and the media. Chris Spielman is a former American Football player. He has played in the linebacker position for teams such as the Detroit Lions and Ohio State Buckeyes.

In the year 1983, he was presented with the Dial Award, for being the best scholar-athlete across national high schools. Currently, he is an analyst who covers college football. A job that he has been associated with for the last 17 years. The first 15 years he worked for ESPN and 2 years ago Chris made a move to rival TV channel, Fox Sports.

His marriage to Carrie Yocom being his second marriage, Chris has been married to Stefanie Spielman in the past, Stefanie passed away on November 19,2009, after a long battle to breast cancer. Chris had four children along with Stefanie and now these children are an integral part of Carrie’s life as well.In her biography states that she loves her home life and taking care of her stepchildren as though they were her own.

Carrie Yocom has two children along with her husband Chris Spielman, both the children are daughters who are named Kendra Spielman and Gina Spielman respectively.The family currently resides in Upper Arlington, an upscale suburb in Columbus,Ohio.


In her professional life, Carrie Yocom has been an integral part of the Cardinal Health Foundation which is located in the city of Dublin in Ohio. The organisation which began in the year 2001, aims to be a positive catalyst in the field of Healthcare, and the general well-being of the populations by facilitating strategic philanthropy and vital partnerships. It was at the Cardinal Health Foundation that Carrie Yocom served as the Strategic Investment Analyst.

Post her stint as a Strategic Investment Analyst with the Cardinal Health Foundation, Carrie Yocom came onboard the Bath & Body Works organisation as the Operational Planner for the firm. It was on September 13,1990 that the popular company was founded and it has primarily been dealing in a variety of personal goods including cosmetics and fragrances.

Last Modified: Nov 11, 2018

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