Zack Roloff is a TV personality and an actor of American origin from Oregon in Helvetia in the United States of America. Zack has achieved fame by portraying his private life every day on the television.

Personal Life

Zack Roloff was born in Oregon in Helvetia in the United States of America in 1990 on the 10th of May. Zack has been married to Tori Patton who is his wife. Zack has achieved stardom by depicting his everyday life on a television series. Zack is an American national and of North American ethnicity.

He grew up in a farm that is 36 acres in size and has a big family which includes his sister Molly Roloff and 2 brothers by the name of Jeremy Roloff and Jacob Roloff. Zack, like his parents, suffers from dwarfism. His grandfather happened to be salesman for a software company and had to grow up with multiple surgeries which caused him severe disabilities. Zack has a twin sister and a brother who happen to have an average and normal height.

Zack has been averaged at his studies in his school and college days and spent most f his time helping his father for the harvest of the gala pumpkin season which happens to be the Roloff family’s primary business. After having graduated from his high school in the year 2009, he took up a degree in Associate Studies and further took up his continued education.


Before becoming a celebrated tv personality, Zack had taken up an immense amount of interest in the game of soccer and has also served as the coach for the local young kids. He later received an offer from the TLC for hosting of a reality show by the name of Little People Big World which is based on his family’s everyday life. Zack has constantly been viewed on the screen and has starred as himself in over 188 episodes which has spanned for an elongated time span from 2006 to 2015 that is about 9 years.

Zack has also appeared on the Oprah Winfrey’s show two times and has now become a recognized personality among tv viewers. In the year of 2011, Zack also made an appearance on a show called Good Enough which was a depiction of dwarf people competing with WWE wrestlers in a match of basketball. Zack earns a salary of 100,000 US Dollars and is said to have a net worth of about 0.3 million USD.

Last Modified: Oct 16, 2019

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