Born in 1968 on the September of 13th, Yelba Osorio is a popular writer and an actress of American origin. Yelba came to light for her depiction in movies such as Riot, Kiss Me, Shut Up and Carlito’s Way.

Personal Life

Born in the city of New York, Yelba Osorio was born in the month on September in the year of 1968. She is an American National of Caucasian ethnicity. Yelba is an extremely private person and not much is known about her private life nor is the information regarding her parents known. As opposed to her career, her personal life is pretty unknown. Also, information regarding her childhood or her early years is unknown too.

Yelba sought education at the Stuyvesant High School and also attended the coveted Columbia University in the city of New York. Further, Yelba signed up and attained graduation from the ART/MXAT Institute for the Advanced Theatre Training from the famous Harvard University.

Yelba’s net worth or her salary income is not known to the fans or her public. Though some sources believe that her personal wealth has grown subsequently throughout the years due to her appearances in various movies and television series. Thus, it is safe to say that Yelba is now living a life of luxury and prosperity.

There are no rumors regarding Yelba and her personal life is relatively unknown to the public.


Speaking of Yelba’s journey when it comes to her career, Yelba is said to be an active member in the entertainment industry since the year of 1994 and is still active with the same enthusiasm. She made her debut in the movies “Slings and Arrows” in the year of 1994. Her skill at acting made quite a positive impression on the critics and her fans.

Further down the same year, Yelba also secured a spot on the member cast of the television series called the “House of Buggin” which had lasted for a year. Further onwards, Yelba made appearances in various television series and some movies too. She has been active in the entertainment industry since the beginning of her career. In the year 1997, Yelba made a portrayal of a character called Malaria in the 1997 hit movie, “No Mothers Crying, No Babies Dying”. Furthermore, in the year of 2014, Yelba made a portrayal of the character of Donno Del Rioin the movie “Frozen Stars”. She has then appeared in various television series which include Moesha, Road Dogz, ER and many more.

Last Modified: 30 Jun, 2018

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