Wil Wheaton’s full name is Richard William Wheaton III. He was born in the year 1972 and he is a writer, a voice actor, a blogger of American origins. He was born in the city of Burbank in California. His mother is Debra Nordean and she was an actress. His father is Richard William Wheaton Jr, he was medical specialist. He has a sister named Amy and a brother named Jeremy. Together with his brother, they appeared in the Star Trek: the Next Generation episode called When the Bough Breaks. He also appeared with his sister in The Curse.

According to his biography, the first role he was in is called A Long Way Home and it he was in the role of Martin Brisby. He had also a small role with The Last Starfighter. He became well known when he played in Stand By Me as Gordie Lachance. It was the adaptation of the novella called The Body of Stephen King.

In the Star Trek, he played in the role of the Wesley Crusher. It was for first four seasons. It is Star Trek: The Next Generation. He got the recurring role after sometime in the series. After the series, he played in Toy Soldiers where he was Joey Trotta. When he left Star Trek, he went to live in Topeka, in Kansas and he was working for the NewTek. He helped in developing Video Toaster 4000. He was doing the product testing and also quality control. He also used the public profile to be its technology evangelist. During this period, he says it helped him to grow and being away of the Los Angeles; helped him to deal better with the anger management.

After sometime, he went back to live in the city or Los Angeles. He went to an acting school and after five years, he went back to act. He had appeared in Independent films such as The Good Things, when he was playing as a tollbooth worker from Kansas.

Wil Wheaton got married and his wife is Anne Prince. They now live in the city of Arcadia of California. His wife has two sons that she got from an old relationship. She had a son of 19 years and Wil Wheaton adopted him. It is not clear if the woman was married and had a divorce or if she just got these children. Wil likes computer, technology and internet. Before he liked to use Linux since he uses his left hand but turned to Window 2000. He likes to brew own beer in his home.

He is a fan to Los Angeles Kings which is an ice hockey team. He visits the Staples Center, where they play during the playoff or regular season games. He is also a fan to Los Angeles Dodgers and visits them often in Dodger Stadium. He suffers chronic depression and generalized anxiety disorder.

Last Modified: 12 Jul, 2018

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