Viggo Mortensen is a well-known author, musician, poet, painter, actor and producer who has Danish-American roots and hails from the country of the United States of America.

Personal Life

Viggo Mortensen was born as Viggo Peter Mortensen Jr. on the 20th of October, in the year 1958, in the city of New York. He was born to Viggo Peter Mortensen Sr and Grace Gamble. While Viggo Mortensen’s mother, Grace passed away on April 25th, in the year 201 5, his father, Viggo Mortensen Sr. passed away more recently on March 2, in the year 2017. Viggo Mortensen’s father was of Danish Ancestry and his mother was American, they met in the country of Norway.

At the age of 11, Viggo Mortensen’s parents divorced and he lived in New York City along with his mother and attended the Watertown High School, located in Watertown. In the year 1980, Viggo Mortensen earned his bachelor’s degree in Spanish Studies and Politics from the St Lawrence University in Canton. After completing his graduation, he lived in Spain and England and even moved to Denmark to work for a string of odd jobs, before returning to the United States of America to become an actor.


Viggo Mortensen made his debut in the world of films when he starred in the 1985 thriller film named Witness, it was directed by Peter Weir. Furthermore, he even starred in films such as The Indian Runner, which released in the year 1991, Crimson Tide, which released in the year 1995, Carlito’s Way, which was a 1993 release, The Portrait of a Lady and Daylight, both of which released in the year 1996, G.I Jane, which was a 1997 release, he also starred in the 1998 hit A Perfect Murder and A Walk on The Moon from the year 1999 and another hit called 28 Days, which was released in the year 2000.

Post this, through the early 2000’s Viggo Mortensen gained immense fame across the globe due to his portrayal of Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Later, he even gained critical acclaim for his role in A History of Violence, which was a crime thriller directed by David Cronenberg.

Viggo Mortensen’s partnership with David Cronenberg was highly successful as he even starred in another film helmed by David, called Eastern Promises, the film released in the year 2007 and it earned Viggo Mortensen an Academy Award nomination for the Best Actor in a Leading Role. Viggo Mortensen’s third team up with David Cronenberg was again fruitful as their film, A Dangerous Method, that released in the year 2011, earned Viggo Mortensen a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for the Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture.

Some of the other films of Viggo Mortensen, which are well received are Appaloosa, which released in the year 2008, and Captain Fantastic, which released in the year 2016, earned Viggo Mortensen another Best Actor nomination at the Academy Awards, in the year 2017.

Last Modified: Feb 7, 2020

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