Venessa Villanueva is well known actress who hails from the country of the United States of America. She is popular for her roles in various movies, especially in the hit 2011 action flick, titled Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns.

In popular media, she is known for having a beautiful smile on the outside but a compassionate woman on the inside. Venessa Villanueva is immensely popular for having married Chris Perez, who himself has been a well-known musician and revered guitarist amongst peers and the media on the whole.

Personal Life

Venessa Villanueva is an American citizen by virtue of her birth, however, she belongs to an ethnically different background. Venessa Villanueva’s parents are originally Mexicans who migrated from the country into the United States of America, before Venessa’s birth itself.

Venessa Villanueva is known to be an introvert, who avoids the media spotlight and has frequently chosen to shield her private life from the prying eyes of the media. Therefore, there is little information about her early life, or even her exact date of birth. It is only known that at present Venessa Villanueva is above the age of 37 and a great portion of her early life was spent in the state of Texas, in America.

Venessa Villanueva’s major claim to fame was her marriage to Chris Perez, the duo dated for some time and were together for 8 long years in a relationship before they decided to get married and eventually did so on October 26, in the year 2006. It was Chris’ second marriage. He was previously married to legendary singer Selena. Unfortunately, Vanessa and Chris’ marriage did not last for long and they parted ways in the year 2008. Their marriage just lasted for over a year.

Venessa filed for divorce in the year 2008 due to Perez’s alleged drug and alcohol problems and her inability to cope with his habit. Perez was notoriously famous for having abandoned his family and would barely visit home, instead he chose to stay out partying with other women and consuming large amounts of alcohol and contraband substances.

Venessa claimed, that she had wanted to work things out and not head for divorce keeping the family together for the children’s sake, she even went on to deny the filing of divorce papers as a rumor in the media, Eventually they split stating the reason for divorce and a short lived marriage as their irreconcilable differences. Venessa along with Perez had 2 children, a son named Noah and a daughter who goes by the name of Cassie.


Post her divorce Venessa Villanueva began working in the movies and was instrumental in making 2 acclaimed films. She wooed the audiences to the theatre with her commendable work in the film called Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns. Which was released in the year 2011. Later she starred in another film called, Forgotten Memories which was a 2015 release. At present, Vanessa Villanueva has an estimated net worth of approximately 100,000 US Dollars.

Last Modified: 10 Jun, 2018

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