As a young actress, Vanessa Marano has been able to land roles in a variety of television shows and movies. Her recent work was when she starred in the TV series Switched at Birth from 2011 to 2017.

Personal Life

Marano was born in Los Angeles, California on the 31st of October 1992. She is the first born daughter of Damiano Marano and Ellen Marano. As per Vanessa’s biography, her father Damiano, was a college professor while her mother was an actress. Vanessa’s parents are the owners of the Agoura Children’s Theatre. Vanessa has a younger sibling, Laura who is also a singer come actress.

Her mom Ellen who has experience in the show business did not want her daughters to suffer the same fate and go through the struggle in the industry. After her children’s persuasion, Ellen took them to an agent hoping that they would be turned down but unfortunately Vanessa and her sister impressed and were taken in by the agency.

Details on Vanessa’s personal life are not openly disclosed and it is not known which schools she attended for her junior and senior school education. At the moment the American actress is not married. It is also not known if she if she is involved with anyone romantically.


Vanessa’s showbiz career took off at a tender age of 7 acting in theatres and taking part in a number of national TV commercials. Her first major role came when she and her sister Laura landed roles in the TV show Without a Trace. From that point onwards, Vanessa has featured in The Comeback, Gilmore Girls, Ghost Whisperer and Switched at Birth. With the many features on TV and a promising singing career, Vanessa has surely accumulated wealth though her net worth remains unknown to the public.

Last Modified: 19 May, 2018

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