Ulysses Daniel Alonso Bio, Age, Career, Dating, Married, Divorce, Arrested

Ulysses Daniel Alonso is famous for being the ex husband of Myrka Bárbara Dellanos. Dellanos is known as a beautiful Cuban American journalist, author, and host on broadcast media. Alonso was enrolled into the University of Florida for his college education. At FIU, he studied and majored in Business Administration.

Ulysses Daniel Alonso  Career

Alonso functions in society by working as a Sales Consultant for Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits. He has been working for the company since 2016.

Ulysses Daniel Alonso Dating, Married, Divorce, Personal Life Relationships

Alonso and the famous journalist, Myrka Dellanos met through their families. Before they started dating officially, they had already shared a long companionship and genuine friendship. After long periods of being just friends, they started dating because they both couldn’t hold off the romantic tension any longer. On March 28, 2008, Dellanos and Ulysses were married in Miami-Dade County, Florida. They got married a private service with just 75 guests.

Two months after his divorce from Dellanos, Alonso, at that point was 29 years of age and still a bachelor. He was married to another woman on March 21, 2010. His new wife was Elena Margarita García, who was 11 years older than him. News of their marriage declaration appeared on a few news outlets because his prior relationship with Dellanos.

Legal Trouble

One of the reasons for his Alonso and Dellanos’ divorce was his abusive behavior. Only a couple of months after being married, the TV presenter condemned her better half for physical abuse, which is the reason Alonso was arrested by the police. Despite the fact that Alonso surrendered to the authorities and acknowledged to enter a program to get treatments for hostility and Myrka tried to spare their marriage, things did not work out in the end for them.

In court, Alonso conceded to four unlawful offenses which included stalking, detainment, coercion and burglary of a mother vehicle. The Florida state court allowed him parole for a time period of five years. The judge, Julio Jiménez forced a restraining order on Ulysses with the goal that he would not go close to the TV presenter or her family. If he disregarded this ruling, he would go through 40 years in a correctional facility.

Dellanos was happy to move on after the failed marriage. She admitted that she tried to stay in the relationship because she believed in the spirit of marriage and working through problems. The abuse was too much for her to handle.

Last Modified: Oct 15, 2019

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