Tyler Tillerson is the son to Rex Tillerson who is an ex Eagle Scout and worked for the Boy Scouts. Tyler, is now working like human resource management student based in the university of Texas in Arlington. Tyler is just one of the four children born to Rex with Randa St Clair, his wife. She was the CEO to Exxon Mobil and the secretary of the state for Donald Trump, but now she got fired. There is no information on other children of Tillerson.

When it comes to the biography of Tyler Tillerson , then he finished his schooling at Argyle High School of Texas. When he was at Argyle, he was the state champion in the trumpet of Argyle High School Marching band. Tyler is the youngest child of the family. Tillerson’s mother is called Renda st Clair. She kept her life low profile in news. They are said to train and to breed the horses.

Tyler Tillerson is doing master degree at University of Texas in Arlington in the human resources management. He has already a bachelor in Arts degree at the same university where he did history. He had a minor in the religious studies. His studies focused more on Judaic, Islamic, Christian history with the emphasis at the medieval history. This is when these three groups were transforming into the modern day structure. Besides, he is studying the history and he emphasizes on the religious and government formation and in the American history.

He did basic Latin and the Spanish since they were the requirements and he also finished some courses in the sociological which is a part of the lower class requirements.

Tyler Tillerson says that he finished the rank of the Eagle Scout. He starts that he completed the ranks at Youth Program Cub Scouting which resulted into the Arrow of the Light Award. He then finished with other ranks at the Boy Scout of America. This is where he earned the Eagle Scout Rank and got an award. He is also a volunteer of the Boy Scouts. He worked as the district executive of the Boy Scouts and he worked for three counts which are Trinity, Houston and Angelina. He was in charge of establishing the strong ties to the local community, managing and inspiring the volunteers from different walk of life. He learned to help people and he got many skills while working with children.

Tyler Tillerson had also worked in different positions. He was the intern fat collection of Ft worth Museum of Science and History. In this position, he was categorizing, processing and evaluating the artifacts that should be used in the exhibits. He worked as a sales person of the Motorcycle Sales Consultant. He also worked like the substitute teacher at Birdville Independent School District at North Richard Hills in Texas.

Last Modified: 30 Jun, 2018

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