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According to his biography, Tyler Henry was born in the rural city of Hanford, California. He has been gifted with distinct abilities of clairvoyant. He discovered his gift as a 10-year-old child. He was born to very talented parents who supported him in all his decisions. He graduated from Sierra Pacific High school at Hanford with flying colors. He is still remembered by the school staff and students as a very fun loving and extraordinary person.

Aiming for higher education to become a hospice nurse, he studied hard but Destiny had different plans for him. He was soon recognized as a rising celebrity sensation in the television industry. Starting as a 19-year-old teen, he made his debut from his El television series. Though widely criticised by the society, Tyleer happily accepted himself as a gay in the public and has never allowed the discrimination from society to come to his path of success.

The famous TV personality has excellently authored “Between Two Worlds: Lessons from the Other Side” in 2016. He receives several skeptical comments from his haters or critics but this has never weakened his inner spirit.


Henry made her first debut on the show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” in the year 2015. He was widely appreciated for his famous television series “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry” and has earned a huge fan following. The popularity of the show demanded a second season of the show. His readings to a number of famous personalities became the hot topic of discussion among the media and public.

Henry released the third season of his reality show on 28 February on the huge demand by the viewers. The famous TV personality published an article in which he described his abilities and the evolution of his incredible powers. He also tried to contact the famous superstar Michael Jackson but unfortunately, he could not do it. He is regarded as a “grief vampire” by the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry and blamed him to be a shame to the humanity.

Tyler's skills were tagged deceptive by Hemant Mehta, the activist. According to the reports of the media, Henry is considered to be a psychic who claims to offer comfort to the grieving families. The reality show was called the worst show on television and was also claimed to be against the ethics of society by Bobby Finger. He was awarded the “Truly Terrible Television Award” by the Independent Investigations Group in the year 2016.

Later in his career, he was suspected to use hot and cold techniques which provided him the illusion of his psychic powers. Henry’s prediction about the death of the celebrity Alan Thicke came out to be true which left the whole media in shock. This incident became a huge controversial affair in the media.

Last Modified: 10 May, 2018

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