Tyler Carson was trained in the classical violinist at Victoria Symphony when he was only 13 years old. He says that he feels as if the music comes through him and not to him. He travelled to India where he had to present the solo violin performance in the unique spiritual community known as Auroville in the South East India. The performance had been recorded and was put on Auroville radio and it became his debut song named Living Violin. This brought the experience to him and he changes the way he is playing.

By travelling too far and to define the musical landscape while in the studio, he had discovered the new sound for his violin. Tyler credit had the upbringing of offering with the unique perspective which he uses in order to develop the unique way he uses in marking the music. While growing up, Tyler had studied the music and has given the same opportunities to other things like downhill skiing. He is also a golfer and a racer.

His early performance was when he was singing with Young Canadians at 7 years for up two years. In the year 1994, he sung together with BC Fiddle Orchestra main stage for the Commonwealth Games and there were over 60,000 people who were there live and it was being shown by international TVs. Together with the sister, he started to busk at the local downtown street and he handed out business cards that lead to a good number of the local gigs.

He soloed with Victoria Symphony and performed on many stages with these that featured Jerry Lewis Telethon Hollywood. He also went to perform in New Zealand, The Cayman Island, Thailand and Japan. During such tours, he performed together with The Irish Rovers, Ashley MacIsaac, and The Chieftains. He opened for Dunn, Brooks and The Crash Test Dummies. Together with his sister, they were able to release many albums and had a country music career where he was playing different instruments and sung.

When he reached 20 years old, he suffered spasmodic dysphonia. This is the condition that affected his voice. At first, he had some difficulty while signing and in some few years, he had to abandon his career of signing and writing songs. However, it did not stop his musical career since he focused more on fiddle and violin playing. He started to play with well known band in classical, pop, rock, gypsy jazz, Celtic and Bluegrass. He supported many well known signers including Michael Jackson, Craig Else, Dixie Dreggs and Steve Morse.

When he reached the age of 25, different changes took place and he had to experience anxiety and panic. From his biography, he had to spend one year where he tried to work on meditation and to discover deeper connection with himself. Tyler believes on the music power and its role of building up the community with the supportive culture which allows everyone to follow his heart and to get to his dream.

Last Modified: 25 Apr, 2018

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