Quick facts
Birth date 30 Sep, 1998
Age 21 yrs
Occupations YouTuber
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Poway
Gender Male
Description American musician


Have you Checked on Trevor’s Bio or Wiki?

Trevor Michael Moran, or Trevor Michael Moran, was born on September 30, 1998, in Poway California and his parent are Nicole and Tim Moran. Trevor is 6 feet and 1 inch in height and weighs 155 lbs. Trevor is of white ethnicity. Trevor started getting attention when he auditioned for The X-Factor, an American Competition show, in which he sang "Sexy and I Know It." Trevor was then 13. The young singer got four votes from the judges.


In 2013, Trevor released his first album “Single” and followed another later that year titled The Dark Side. The Album made it to Billboard Dance/Electronic Digital Songs chart at number 25 spot. Billboard Dance/Electronic Digital Songs is a chart that ranks performers-- Singers and dancers-- weekly. Another album titled Echo was released in June 2014. On the same year, his single Album XIAT was released. Other singles released with Trevor as the lead singer were I Wanna Fly, Let’s Roll, Got Me Feelin’ Like, Get Me Through Night and Sinner.


Who are Trevor’s Family?

Trevor’s mother is Nicole, and his father is Tim Moran. Trevor has one sibling named Blake. The family is currently residing in New York City, New York. Trevor’s mother is helping him think of themes for his videos and songs. They make a lot of discussion about work usually while driving.


Does Trevor have a Girlfriend?

Lia Marie Johnson was said to be Trevor’s girlfriend for a while. It was revealed when Lia shared their story on her Twitter account. Despite the confirmation on Twitter, the couple was not seen hanging out together.

Do you Know Facts About Trevor?

Trevor is a singer and Youtube personality. This artist is not attending regular school. Instead, he learned his thoughts through an online school. Stereo is what people usually call him because he is very loud.


The young performer started his career with Youtube in 2008 when he was ten years old. Trevor then uploaded videos of himself dancing in Apple Store, a chain of stores operated by Apple Inc. In 2012, Trevor joined Our2ndLife or commonly known as O2L on Youtube. The group had 3 million followers but was disbanded in 2014 after which, he made his channel on Youtube iTr3vor which currently has 1,516,093 followers and expected to increase. The channel showcases his talent in dancing and singing.


On October 9, 2015, he made a short video concerning his sexuality. Trevor admitted that he is gay and added that he was bisexual as has had difficulty revealing his true sexuality. Due to the incident, Trevor is starting to receive more followers and his fame doubled.

Trevor worked as talent Specialist for United Talent Agency.


What is Trevor’s Age?

Trevor is now 20 years old with so much fame. The young singer has been busy making videos and with his singing career.



Last Modified: Feb 7, 2020

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