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Birth Place Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Tracey Wahlberg is a sister to Mark Wahlberg. This is a blue eyed soul well known in hip hop. Besides being a singer, he is also an actor in the blockbuster action movies. The singer and actor, has also a family life that many of his fans are interested in knowing. It is good to know his life and to appreciate it.

From his biography, the actor has also children, a wife and siblings. Mark was born with many siblings and has a family tree that looks more complicated. His siblings are Donnie, Robert and Tracey who are from the same father and others are Paul, Michelle, Debbie, James and Arthur. Her mother married three times and he is born to the third husband called Donald Wahlberg. To his father’s side, he has also half siblings which are Donna, Buddy and Scott. Her mother has nine children in total and had been able to raise all the children to reach to the adult age. Only one died when he was an adult. Her mother worked as a nursing aid.

Most of the family members are good in acting and singing, but Mark is the well known one. Donnie Wahlberg has also a number of hit under his name. Robert is good in acting but he does not sing. Some of the movie has the two brothers acting like the stars. Mark Wahlberg is married and his wife is called Rhea Durham. She is a well known model who is sought out by many brands around the entire world.

The couople did meet in the year 2009 and they tied a knot in the year 2009. They have 4 children now and they are 2 daughters who are Ella Rae Wahlberg, Grace Margaret, 2 sons who are Brendan Joseph Wahlberg with Michael Wahlberg. This makes the family to be most fruitful celebrity marriage in this world. Contrary to the famous couples found in Hollywood, who have the relationship which are characterized by a number of dramas, Mark with Rhea does live drama free life. They say that the secret of the marriage is finding time to be together regardless of how tight the schedule may be.

The first born is a daughter who is 12 years old now and the last born is a daughter who is 5 years now. It is not clear if the couple will have more babies or not, but four of them is enough taking into consideration that they are celebrity. The entire family is fulfilled, happy and cohesive.

For the biography of Tracey Wahlberg, it is not full and the only thing that it is known is that she is the sister to Wahlberg brothers. Their sister Debbie Wahlberg died when he was only 43 years old. The family had been shattered by this news and they have never been the same again since that day.

Last Modified: 29 May, 2018

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