Quick facts
Birth date 18 Feb, 1967
Age 52 yrs
Occupations Businessperson
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Los Angeles
Residence Beverly Hills
Education Stanford University
Gender Female
Description American businesswoman
Spouse Eddie Murphy

Tracey Edmonds is the most gorgeous woman of America. Who has the aptitude of being a businesswoman! she is also a producer hence, has put forward renowned various films.

Personal life: -

Well-known figure was born on 18 februray,1967 (51 years of age) in the charming and bustling city of los Angeles, which is located in California, a state of USA. She belongs to the African-American race and was granted with the rare horoscope of Aquarius. Luckily, she holds the permanent nationality of America. She has a stunning height of 5 feet and 9 inches (approximately 1.75 meters) and gifted with 58 kg of mass, she was strict in pursuing her career and attended high school therefore in 1987 she achieved the degree in psychobiology and BBA in the famous university called Stanford university.

Tracey Edmonds parents mainly named George McQuarn and mother Jacqueline McQuarn. Her currant marital status delineates that she is in relationship with a football player Dein sanders since 2012.Previously, she had an affair with many people like Eddie murphy, Qamhat Mashes and Rocco Dispirito but in 1990, She was married to Kenneth Edmonds who met Tracey in a short performance headed by him in which he sang a song.

Afterwards they both dated for almost 2 years and were married. At last, they were blessed with two sons Brandon Edmonds and Dylan Michael Edmonds. Firstly, these couples lived smoothly but then a rough time came when Tracey took the divorce case in 2005 and finally they were divorced in 2007. Tracey Edmonds value her fans a lot, who are crowded on her social network. She has 114k acolytes on twitter and 216K followers on Instagram. She keeps promoting them of her situations and holds about 1147 posts on Instagram.

Careers: -

Tracey Edmonds has a bold and ferocious character. She is a talented business woman and a producer, in this way she has a profound understanding in various crucial films. She is known for four best movies Good luck chunks, Punks, new in town and jumping the broom. She had gained much fame because of these movies, which were released in the late 2000s.

Tracey's careers consists of being a television personality. In 1997, the comedy drama film “soul foods” was released it is an hour long showtime comedy incorporated. Crime teen drama film was also released after the two years when the first drama was produced. A sexy stylish drama about NBA is produced by her called Games Divas Play (BET). She even was left as an adviser to the governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Edmonds were acclaimed with popular movie of soul foods and it also won multiple National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Awards.

Presently, Tracey is the Chief executive officer of Edmonds entertainment group incorporated and chief operation officer in our stories films. She is destined to get a lot of money from her investments and her recorded net worth is a massive amount of $ 30 million.

Last Modified: Feb 7, 2020

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