Quick facts
Birth date 13 Jul, 1948
Age 71 yrs
Occupations Color commentator
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Lynbrook
Education Binghamton University
Gender Male
Description American sportswriter

Anthony Irwin (Tony Kornheiser) is 66 years young has many accolades to his credit. With a career that spans for decades, he has certainly made his inroads in radio, television, even in print. He presently an American sports writer. He once was a columnist at Washington position for many years. He’s also been a broadcasting and talk show congregation. Tony began his incredible journey in a traditional Jewish household in New York.

After Graduating from Harper College he starts on his esteemed career in 1970. His unique and clever way he presents his work is admirable at best. His columns are notoriously known for their sarcastic, humorous overtones. His comments have a tendency to be racy, offensive, and sometimes downright mean. His following is colossally massive. He talks they listen, faithfully. Radio as well as television is a dog eats dog business. You have to stand out from the rest of the pack. Tony Kornheiser has accomplished that ten times over. He is a radio icon in his own right. 

A true story of climbing up through the ranks using his bold, hardcore, opinion to elevate him to the next level. With none other than the Commander in Chief Barrack Obama at the Congressional Country club. Once he was invited to lunch at the White House accompanied by two of his colleagues. After lunch they were granted audience in the oval office with none other than Barrack Obama. The two of them continued to play golf together from time to time. Tony Kornheiser has written several books; The Baby chase (Oct. 1983), Bald as I Wanna Be (Oct. 28, 1997), page after page filled to the brim with his witty razor sharp sense of humor and outspokenness. He is most known for his abrasiveness; like many other radio personalities who take the more blunt approach to their delivery.

Tony has made more than few enemies in his time. He was once suspended for some corrosive comments he made about Hannah Storm. It was absolutely no secret that he and Chris Berman were at war at one point and time. He ranted on his Radio show about how he and The Washington Post parted ways. No web page or other media has data about it. The current relationship status of Doris is likewise obscure. Those are just a couple of examples of when it comes to Tony and his bad side, it is no joke. In a nutshell, Tony is one of those people who tell it like it is. A lot of times in life that alone can get you in trouble. In his personal life outside of the spotlight, he seems like he is the best husband and father. You cannot mistake his brilliance for anything else but; exactly that. He keeps the streets talking and he most definitely has no problem talking right back.

Currently; he exists in in Washington D.C. and Rehoboth Beach Delaware through his wife Kerril. Mutually they have two children Michael as well as Elizabeth.

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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