Quick facts
Birth date 5 Jul, 1930
Age 89 yrs
Occupations Actor
Voice actor
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Duluth
Gender Male
Description Actor

Tommy Cook was born in the city of Duluth in the state of Minnesota. It was in 1930. He grew up wanting to be an actor. For his nationality, he is American and he started to act in Theater when he was still too young. He got in an accident when he was only 5 years together with his grandmother, a sister and his mother. When it comes to his education, there are no details of what school he attended.

According to his biography, the first role Tommy Cook appeared into was playing in Mutiny movie where he was called Billy Halligan. It was in the year 1940. In the following year, he appeared in the Mr District Attorney and then in Jungle Girl. In The Homestretch, he was Pablo Artigo and he was Michael O’ Halloran in the Cry of The City. After that, he appeared in many movies and television series. Up to now, he has over 100 credits on his name.

Other movie he appeared in are Joe Forrester, Cop on The Beat, C B Bears, CHiPs, Hart to Hart and Enforcer TV series. Tommy Cook is also a screenwriter and a producer. He works on both the radio and television. Cook was playing the villainous tribes boy with Johnny Weissmuller while playing in Tarzan and the Leopard Woman. He was the nice native boy in the Jungle Girl and then Little Beaver in the Adventure of the Red Ryder. He then helped to produce Ali McGraw and Players. During the year 1950s, Cook was working in United States Marine Corps.

When it comes to controversies, Tommy Cook had not been involved into many. He tried to keep the personal life too far from the media and there are not too much rumors about his career or life.

He does not like the social media platforms and he is not available on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. By now, he is not also in any relationship and he is single. He got married before and his wife was Elizabeth Saret. They were married in 1985 but in few years they asked for a divorce. They had a son who is called Mikhael Thomas Cook and afterwards, he adopted a daughter named Sara Jane. The daughter was born in Ecuador.

Tommy Cook stated to act when he was still a child and he was known to have dark complexion, curly and spry hair. It was hard for him to transition from a child actor to an adult actor and being also short did not help too much. However, he was also a good tennis player and it helped him to get jobs like directors, producer and emcee of the charity and gala events of the celebrities. He created the story which helped to produce films like Players and Rollercoaster. He had a series script about the cops who work undercover in dangerous organization and it was the basis for Mod Squad of Aaron Spelling.

Last Modified: Feb 7, 2020

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