At age of 44, Thomas Wlaschiha has been instrumental in the movie industry in his acting. He has taken part in many notable movies that have been watched globally. Among the known movies that Tom has been able to take up role include TV series Game of Thrones and Crossing Lines.

Personal Life

Born in Germany in the Dohna region in the year 1973, Tom grew up with a desire of becoming an actor and during his teenage years, Tom drew inspiration from his uncle, an opera singer who used to perform to crowds even outside Germany. Tom’s personal life is not documented publicly according to his biography and Wlaschiha himself does not talk about it openly. Tom’s parents and siblings, if any, have not been in the public eye the same way he has been appearing on our TV screens.

When the Berlin wall fell, it occurred that during that time Tom was seventeen and that presented an opportunity for him to move away from his native country and travel the world. Wlaschiha travelled to America to study as an exchange student. While there, Tom studied English and took up acting roles in theatre. He later travelled back from USA and joined University of Music and Theatre. Tom later began taking up small TV roles in some of the German shows.

Though Tom has kept secret most of his private information, it is known that Tom has no record of any previous marriage and is currently not dating anyone and that makes some of his fans question his sexuality. With no sexual associations known, Wlaschiha has no children yet and by the looks of things he does not seem to be in any hurry.


In Germany, Tom was not satisfied with the setup and the industry in that region and he sort out to look for greener pastures in London, UK. The move proved substantial and shortly after, Tom landed bigger roles and appeared in movies such as The Deep and Rush which enabled him to showcase his abilities. When not taking up acting roles on screen, Tom is also a voice actor and he has worked with the German Ministry of Cooperation. He is also fluent in Russian and French.

According to imdb, Tom has earned a special mention for his participation in TV show and movies such as Resistance which came out in 2011 and the famous Game of Thrones, a TV series that has broken many film records and is currently in its 7th season. His appearances in both season 5 and 6 of the Game of Thrones as Jaqen H’ghar earned him a nomination of Outstanding Performance by the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2016.

Tom can be found on Facebook, Instagram and other social medial platforms where he interacts with his numerous fans. In his entire career Wlaschiha has been able to amass a net worth of 1 million dollars and is said to be receiving a hefty salary from his acting roles.

Last Modified: 10 May, 2018

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