Tom is renowned for his immense contribution to the political and literary fields in the United States of America. He was born on 13th January 1958 and has worked his way up to popularity in the country as well as around the globe. Apart from his prowess in politics, Tom is a TV producer, investor in real estates, and a public speaker. He also hosts shows on TV. Tommy’s Garage is among the popular shows, which he is the producer and host. Besides, his popularity is attributed to an 18 inch tattoo on his body. The tattoo is a picture of Ronald Reagan.

Adkin’s and Writing

Tom’s journey to popularity in political writing comes from humble beginnings. His interest in telling stories to the world based on facts can be traced back to his early life, school going age. Adkins demonstrated his love for literature.

Furthermore, he had the courage of facing up to issues in society and scripting the stories without fear or favor. While this was perceived as being notorious at such an early age, Tom was strengthening his skills to become a national political writer. Just like many other success stories, Tom’s journey was not easy. He faced opposition from family members and adversaries of the truth. However, he soldiered to project what he believed to be the truth.


Adkins had nurtured his talent and skill in writing for a long time. By the time he was out of school, his pieces were mature and relevant to the society. He had a chance to work with Philadelphia Inquirer as an editor of campaign letters. Tom’s mastery of the analytic and writing skill captured his employers in the inquiry team, who then appointed him as a main contributor to the editorial pieces. Working for the inquirer editors was a breakthrough for his career.

It wasn’t long before Adkins left the editorial team and ventured out on his own. Policies and bureaucracies in the inquiry organization was one of the reasons Adkins chose to work alone. He believes in freedom of speech. Tom Adkin’s popularity grew because of his hard tackles on controversial political topics and his confrontational approach. His straight forward approach on the government and other policy makers led to restrictions on national publications.

However, this did not stop him. Tom joined efforts with other controversial writers to find a way of spreading news to the people. This was the genesis of CommonConservative.Com, a web magazine.

Marriage and Family

In 2006, Tom Adkins got married to Brenda Buttner. The two lived happily until 2010 when they separated. This was shocking news because there were no indications of dissatisfaction or rumors of cheating. There is no information on whether he has children or not.

Key Publications

Tom’s biography cannot be complete without mentioning the web magazine’s contribution. Before he shifted to television and radio, presented various publications on America’s political field. Some of these publications include;

· Strange Bedfellows

· Threats from within

· Traditional mother and father

· Burn that flag

· Sun Tzu and four American presidents

Last Modified: 19 May, 2018

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