Quick facts
Occupations Sport shooter
Citizenship United States of America
Gender Male
Description American pistol shooter

Todd Jarrett is a competitive shooter, firearms instructor, and filmmaker. He is a National and World Practical Shooting Champion. He holds four World titles, nine National titles and has won more than 50 Area championships, as well as many other action shooting events. Jarrett is the only USPSA Triple Crown Winner and holds four USPSA National titles - Open, Limited, Production and Limited-10.Jarrett lives in Virginia.In an interview published by an Australian IPSC shooting magazine, Jarrett stated: ""I got started in competition in 1983, shooting bowling pins. In 1984, I started shooting IPSC on Friday nights at an indoor range in Richmond, Va., with some co-workers."" Another published interview mentioned that between 1988 and 2001 he shot about 1.7 million rounds during practice. “I had a gun in my hand for two hours every day for 10 years to develop my skill level. Now it’s not so much practice, but more of a maintenance thing. I wasted the first million rounds just learning how to shoot.”In 2010, Jarrett announced plans to start his own 1911 manufacturing company, Strike Force Manufacturing.

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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