Quick facts
Birth date 1 May, 1974
Age 46 yrs
Occupations Singer-songwriter
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Inglewood
Residence Los Angeles
Genre Christian R&B
Urban contemporary gospel
Contemporary R&B
Siblings Erica Campbell
Ethnic group African Americans
Notable work It's Personal
Gender Female
Description American gospel musician
Spouse Teddy Campbell

Tina Campbell was born on 1 May. The year of her birth is, according to her biography is 1974. At the moment, musician and singer Tina Campbell is 42 years of age. She celebrated her 42nd birthday on a private party, and the guests told that her party was fabulous and that she sang the songs from her new album at the party. Tina Campbell was born under the zodiacal Sun sign of Taurus. There aren't a lot of singers and musicians born as Taurus, but Tina Campbell is a great exception. Speaking of astrology, the Ascendant of Tina Campbell can't be known to us because she had never stated at what time she was born. All that is available in her bio is that her place of birth is the city of Inglewood which is the part of the California state of the United States.

The height of Tina Campbell is 1.75 meters, which is an above-average height for an African-American person of the female gender. Her weight is circa 70 kilograms, which is a good weight for her height. Tina Campbell is known for her busty and curvy body shape. She dyes her hair, so we can't conclude what her natural hair color is. Her current hair color is orange. The eyes of Tina Campbell are black-brown, which is the eye color many African-American women have. The full and maiden name of Tina Campbell given to her at the time of her birth was Trecina Evette Atkins; Tina is only her nickname. She was born to parents Eddie Aaron Atkins, Jr., her dad, and to Thomasina Andrea Atkins, her mom. Tina's family nicknamed her mom „Honey“. The maiden name of Tina Campbell's mom was Thomasina Andrea Daniels. The dad of Tina Campbell was a Catholic priest and minister. Her mom was a homemaker. Tina's dad originated from California, while her mom was from Connecticut. Tina has a big family - she has over seven siblings. Tina has six female siblings and one male sibling. The two of her female siblings are older than her; the other five female siblings are younger than her. She also has a brother named Darrell Antoine Atkins. Tina had a brother who died when he was six years old.


According to the bio of Tina Campbell, she had first attended an elementary school in her hometown of Inglewood, CA. There is no information in her biography on how well did she perform in her elementary school. After primary education, Tina went to a high school somewhere in the California state. Tina Campbell did not receive any formal education in music, nor did she attend any education facility in the music of higher level. Despite that fact, she became a famous Christian and gospel musician with a net worth of $4 million from the sales of her albums, live performances, and the sale of her new album.


The musical career of Tina Campbell started with the Christian music duo Mary Mary, which she had founded with her older sister, Erica Campbell. They founded Mary Mary in 1998, according to her sister Erica's bio. She left the Mary Mary duo in 2013 and embarked on a solo career in music. She released her debut solo album in 2015. Recently, Tina Campbell said that she plans to release a new album in 2017.

Personal Life

Tina Campbell is married to Teddy Campbell. They got married in an unknown year. Tina's husband is also a musician. They have five children from their stable marriage. Campbell family lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Last Modified: Jun 29, 2020

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